Hey, CAIR, how about telling us both sides of the story for a change?

Cn64UhvXYAE7JHbIn a letter to the DOT’s Aviation Consumer Protection Division, designated terrorist group CAIR alleges that a Muslim passenger was singled out for monitoring and subsequent removal from an American Airlines flight in Charlotte, N.C., after a flight attendant allegedly announced his name and seat number, and stated several times that she “will be watching” him during the flight. (Sounds like he must have groped  her, as Muslims are likely to do whenever an attractive ‘infidel’ woman is within reach)


CAIR  (h/t Mike F) The flight attendant reportedly said: “Mohamed Ahmed, Seat 25-A: I will be watching you.” She did not did not make a similar announcement about any other passenger. When the Muslim passenger, Mohamed Ahmed Radwan, asked the flight attendant about her statements, she allegedly accused him of being “too sensitive.” After reporting the incident to two other American Airlines employees, Radwan was informed that he must be removed from the flight because the flight attendant who made the announcement was “uncomfortable.”