GERMAN GOVERNMENT MEDIA SPIN ON MUNICH TERRORIST: “Allahu Akbar’-shouting baby-faced Muslim killer was depressed from years of bullying”

unnamed-1Aren’t they all? Ali David Sonboly, the ‘mentally ill Iranian-German loner’ who killed nine in a murderous rampage in Munich is believed to have deliberately targeted young people in revenge for years of bullying. Ali Sonboly, only 18, hacked into a teenage girl’s Facebook account and invited her friends to join her at a McDonald’s for free food, where he embarked upon a brutal killing spree with a semi-automatic Glock 17.


UK Daily Mail  Today, as the fresh young faces of his victims started to emerge, Angela Merkel said Germany mourned ‘with a heavy heart’. Seven of the nine he killed were teenagers and the youngest was just 13 years old. 

Three of his victims were aged just 14, and 27 people were injured. The victims were 13, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 45, but the ages of the rest have not yet been confirmed.

Sonboly had stockpiled ammunition and obtained the gun illegally, although police are still trying to find out how he got it.  Police today confirmed that the teenager – whose father is a taxi driver and mother works in German department store Karstadt – hacked a young woman’s Facebook account in a bid to lure children to McDonald’s, where he lay in wait.  


Police described Sonboly as a ‘deranged loner’ and it is believed he may have been seeking revenge after years of bullying. He was ‘obsessed’ with computer games and had threatened to murder friends before, telling them to ‘I will kill you all’ in a chat room. complained that he had been bullied by ‘Turkish and Arabic’ classmates.

Police raided the killer’s parents’ 1,500-euro-a-month flat overnight and discovered the Iranian-German was reading documents about ‘spree shootings’ before he carried out the attack. Officers also found he had a book, Why Kids Kill: Inside The Minds of School Shooters, in his bag when he started firing at helpless children who tried to run away.


Among those killed was Dijamant Zabergja, 21, whose father informed the world of his tragic death in a heartbreaking post on Facebook today. He was Kosovan, along with two others – Armela Segashi and Sabina Sulaj – who were killed in the rampage yesterday.

Police described him as a ‘classical shooter without any political motivation’ and added that he committed suicide after turning the gun on himself.


Today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, ‘The severely injured are still suffering and the motives and the background of the man who came to Germany a year ago and was brainwashed by Islamic State will be clarified.’ ‘We will also not rest until we know how the attacker in Wurzburg was radicalised.

The motive for the attack, which was captured in numerous dramatic videos, remained unclear today, however police were investigating footage posted online which showed the gunman talking of being ‘bullied for seven years’.


But just a week after another teenager attacker launched an ISIS-inspired axe attack on a German train, witnesses in McDonald’s described hearing the attacker shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ – a cry used by Islamic terrorists during previous attacks.

And ISIS supporters took to social media in the hours after yesterday’s atrocity to celebrate the killings.