GERMANY’S clueless response to Muslim invader’s savage axe attack on a train

In response to a recent Afghan Muslim migrant’s terror attack on innocent train passengers, Germany has decided to further indoctrinate its own children with mandatory classes on Islam.


Infowars  Local authorities are calling for classes on Islam to be brought in at schools across the country after a Muslim  attacked passengers on a train with an axe on Monday. “It is appropriate to bring in classes on Islam in state schools or schools overseen by the state,” Gerd Landsberg, head of the association of local councils, told the Rheinische Post on Wednesday.

In this way the state can gain more control over the upbringing of Muslim youths, Landsberg said. Senior figures in the church had already called at the end of May for Islam classes to become compulsory at schools. The head of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, said that religious education was the best way to immunize Muslim youths against the dangers of Islamist fundamentalism.

At least some Germans “get it!” In this video, they are mocking the Green Party leftists who expressed outrage that the Muslim axe attacker was killed by police, instead of just wounded.

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