I didn’t know that Lodi, New Jersey had turned into a Muslim NO GO zone

Awad and Maasarani live in a townhouse in the town of Lodi, NJ. They say ALL their neighbors are Muslims, mostly from Turkey. The couple’s families are from Egypt. Maasarani, 25, says she’s a devout (a/k/a/ fundamentalist) Muslim who wears a supremacist headbag and follows strict religious rules.


PRI  They were not to pleased with what Donald Trump had to say in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. They were also disappointed with Gov. Chris Christie who they say is now “one of the bulldogs for the Trump campaign.” “Chris Christie came to our center before he was governor,” Awad says. “He knows the Muslim community firsthand. He turned his back on the Muslim community. It was very disappointing.”

One of the reasons Christie did not get close to winning the GOP nomination for president was his habit of pandering to Muslims. Back in 2011, Christie appointed a Muslim 9/11 terrorist lawyer to be a judge in New Jersey Superior Court in Passaic County. Then he slandered those who opposed the appointment, calling them “crazies,” and saying “all this sharia law business is crap.” (See video below)

Listen to the audio interview with Marwah Maasarani and her husband Omar Awad below: