Muslim fencer is using Olympics to change the perception of Muslim women…by dressing like an oppressed Muslim woman

320C4A7200000578-0-This_summer_she_will_be_competing_with_the_U_S_women_s_Olympic_f-m-78_1457840507178Ibtihaj Muhammad is going to the Olympics not just to win medals but with a different goal in mind: to change the perception of Muslim women. (Not by fitting in with her American team members, but by making herself stand out, dressed in Muslim supremacist attire)


Business Insider  “I want people to see that there are Muslim women who challenge the stereotypes and conceptions of what Muslim women are,” Muhammad told Business Insider. (Muslim women in headbags ARE the stereotype)

Muhammad is the first Muslim-American to qualify for the Olympics as someone who wears a hijab, a traditional Muslim headbag. To some, this could simply be glossed over, but the significance of this should not and cannot be lost, especially given the current state of the world.


“I feel that Muslims aren’t always painted in the most positive light,” Muhammad said (Gee, I wonder why?). “I want to hopefully show Muslims a different narrative than what we’re used to hearing.” (As long as there are new Muslim terrorist attacks every week, the narrative will be the same)

She added that she’s seeking to overturn the notion that all Muslim women are “docile, oppressed, that we’re all Arab,” instead wanting to showcase the potential that a Muslim woman has on as grand a stage as the Olympics. (And you actually think you can do that by wearing a symbol of Muslim male oppression of women?)

As a member of the nearly defunct Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, it’s undeniable that Muhammad’s already done a fair bit of work when it comes to advocating for Muslim women.