MUSLIM PILOT of MALAYSIA AIRLINES MH370 practiced flying the suicide/ homicide mission on flight simulator weeks before plane disappeared over Indian Ocean

22-zaharie-ahmad-shah.w529.h352.2xConfidential documents reveal that the Muslim captain of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 practiced flying across remote sections of the Indian ocean until his plane ran out of fuel on a simulator weeks before his plane disappeared, confidential police documents reveal.

UK Daily Mail  It suggests the disappearance of MH370 was not an accident, but a mass suicide meticulously planned by the pilot, , Zaharie Ahmad Shah, New York magazine reported. The route he practiced on the simulator took him out of Kuala Lumpur before heading south over the remote expanse of the Indian Ocean.


It is a route eerily similar to the one investigators believe the plane flew before it vanished in March 2014. The simulator data was gleaned from a computer by the FBI and used by the Malaysian Police during their investigation into the incident.

However, the findings were withheld from the public when police released their latest official report last March. Before the flight vanished it is understood Mr Shah had been distracted and withdrawn as he dealt with the break-up of his marriage.


Speaking in 2014 about the mystery, the wife and daughter of Mr Shah said the 53-year-old pilot had been desolate in the weeks before the aircraft’s disappearance – and refused pleas to attend marriage counselling sessions.

Three weeks after they split the plane went missing, with some investigators suggesting it was a deliberate and desperate ploy by Mr Shah. 


Sounds a lot like the suicide/homicide mission of Egypt Air pilot who deliberately turned off the autopilot, uttered a short prayer, and put the jet into a suicide dive off the coastline of Long Island, NY on a New York-Cairo flight on Oct. 31 1999, The crash killed all 217 aboard. 

The mere suggestion that an EgyptAir pilot or any other “pious” Muslim would commit suicide — let alone at the expense of 217 people — has been met with outrage and derision in the Arab world. (HAH! As if anybody buys that crap now)