MUSLIM SOWS want you to believe the “Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam”


A group of Muslims in central Kentucky is trying to promote a totally false narrative to the American public that “ISIS is not part of Islam.” Perhaps they should try convincing the head of the Islamic State, who has a PhD in Islamic Studies, which apparently none of these sign holders do:



WKYT  On Friday afternoon, a group of people held a demonstration at Triangle Park in Lexington. They want people to hear their message.  The group’s organizer said they chose Friday to protest after hearing what they called ‘negative Islamic’ rhetoric from this week’s Republican National Convention.

The group told WKYT that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam and the terrorist group is a bunch of cowardly thugs.  “We heard from a lot of people saying, ‘why don’t you speak up?’ And here we are, speaking up and saying ‘hey ISIS, they do not represent Islam.’ (Yes, they do. See below)


And that’s the main message we are trying to pass to the American people. And we are not afraid of ISIS and their demise is coming,” Salah Shakir told WKYT. 

The protest organizer believes these types of demonstrations will help dispel negative perceptions of Islam. (When pigs fly)

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