SWEDEN: Bus driver snaps, beats up Muslim invader on the bus while shouting “I hate you damn swines”

The incident took place on the island of Öland. According to reports, the driver refused a man named Muhammed access to his bus, allegedly because of problems with either him or other Muslim passengers in the past.


UK Daily Mail  Muhammed said it was not the first time the bus driver had refused to allow Muslim residents at the asylum centre to travel and decided to snap a picture of the man to report him. When the bus reached its next stop, the driver got up and attemped to take his own picture of Muhammed, who responded by covering his face.

He can be heard saying in English: ‘I want a photo of your face’ – before attempting to rip the jacket off of the man’s head. 

The infuriated driver started pulling on the man’s clothes, kicking him and repeatedly hitting him on the back of his head as the Muslim whines in pain. The driver was recorded saying “I hate you damn swines.”

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