Anti-terrorism rally organized by Muslims attracts just 20 – 30 people at the National Mall in Washington DC

The pathetic turnout was blamed on the very hot weather.

WTOP  Some people in the small crowd carried signs that read “Muslims Against ISIS” and “No Racism, No Hate.” Attendees said the atrocious attacks of global terrorism have given Americans the wrong impression of Islam and it was important to speak out. (We can’t hear you!)

“We’re just like every other American (Oh, NO, you are not) and we’re not here to apologize for anything but here to explain this is our religion … a religion of tolerance, peace, ethics,” said  Abduel Hussein. (Oh, NO it isn’t and that’s why virtually nobody turned out)

“It’s always been said that Muslim never speaks, so this is a great opportunity for people to hear that we’re speaking out against terrorism, against violence,” said Imam Ali Siddiqui of the Islamic Center of Northern Virginia, alluding to the sometimes heard criticism that Muslim leaders don’t sufficiently condemn terror attacks. (And this event just proved our point)