GERMANY: Ansbach Muslim suicide bomber was an Islamic State soldier who had pledged his allegiance to ISIS on his cell phone and threatened to attack Germany


The 27-year-old man, named Mohammad Daleel, had already threatened to attack Germany in mobile phone video footage discovered by police (after the fact), in which he declared his ISIS jihadi membership.

UK Mirror  ISIS have said the Ansbach suicide bomber who blew himself up after being turned away from a music festival in southern Germany was a ‘soldier of Islamic State’ and describe the attack as a ‘martyrdom operation’. Police have also discovered a chilling video of the attacker pledging his allegiance to ISIS. 

The bomber, who has been named as Mohammad Daleel, threatened to attack Germany on mobile phone footage discovered by police, in which he declares his membership to ISIS. 

The 27-year-old failed asylum seeker, who was about to be deported to Bulgaria, had gasoline, acid, alcohol cleaner, soldering iron, wires and pebbles in his flat.