GERMANY: Muslim men berate and terrorize sunbathers at nudist beach

Screen-Shot-2014-04-14-at-19-1.49.10While enjoying the nice summer weather, German sunbathers at a nudist beach in Xanten South, got a taste of what it’s going to be like to have so many Muslim invaders in their neighborhood.

Derwesten  Shouting “Allah Akbar,” group of young Muslim migrants insulted guests viciously berated women, even spitting on them and saying “You have insulted us and called all the women sluts. They threatened to exterminate al the women.

The fear created by the Muslim interlopers at the leisure center was so large nobody dared intervene. “We were glad when the men were finally gone,” said the family mother. (Be thankful they only called you names. Next time they will gang rape you)


Beachgoers didn’t think the men were refugees because “they spoke German very well and have been living there for a long tim,. the witness said. “But this contempt, this potential for aggression by Muslims made me really afraid.”

Lisa-Marie Theunissen from FZX can confirm the incident. She was also abused by the accused.

Other swimmers have reported that the men had been detained on Tuesday at the beach and char. Other bathers said that the men had already been on the beach on Tuesday and also created a stir by insulting people.