‘Civilization Jihad’ comes in many forms, this one starts in public school in America

civilisation-jihad-2-captureIn Vernon Hills, IL, what is known as one phase of ‘Civilization Jihad’ was on full display at the town’s public high school. American teenage girls were taught how to be subservient to male dominance by learning how to wear the Islamic head dress known as the headbag (hijab)– in their public high school– by six girls who are members of the school’s *Muslim Student Association (see second video).


Bethany Blankley (h/t Mike F)  If there is a Christian Student Organization, it’s highly unlikely that Vernon Hills High School would allow Christians to talk about Jesus, display crosses, or pray as a group on school property– or teach anyone else in a classroom about anything related to Christianity. Same goes for Jews or Satanists.

Actually– Christians are already prohibited from displaying any act or sign of their faith in public schools. The question is why aren’t the same standards applied to Muslim students?


For some reason Vernon Hills High School administrators in Vernon Hills, Illinois support both taqqiya and Civilization Jihad. Wearing the hijab has nothing to do with religion or culture. Teaching teenagers a false version of the hijab is a deliberate attempt to indoctrinate, and eventually, convert vulnerable and naive teens about what is an oppressive totalitarian political ideology.

The Common Core curriculum (funded in large part by the government of Qatar) includes teaching Islam to all grades in all public schools accepting federal education funds.


The Muslim Students Association of the US and Canada (MSA) or MSA (also known as MSA National), was established mainly by members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in January 1963 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. The creation of MSA resulted from Saudi-backed efforts to establish Islamic organizations internationally in the 1960s, for the purpose of spreading its fundamentalist radical Wahhabist ideology across the globe. MSA presents itself as an apolitical, religious and cultural organization. In reality it is a radical political force and a key lobbying organization for the Wahhabi sect of Islam, telling students that America is an imperialist power and Israel an oppressor nation.