ALBANIAN HORROR as (Muslim?) man sets fire to hospital ward, killing three

The dialysis ward, at the American Hospital of Tirana, Albania, was completely engulfed in flames after a man covered a patient in fuel before setting him ablaze in a horrifying attack that killed three including the attacker.


mo4ch  The shocking incident involved an apparently furious dialysis patient at a private hospital in Albania. The video shows him walking calmly into the ward, where four people are receiving treatment, before dousing a male patient with gasoline. A scuffle ensues before the perpetrator ignites the fluid, causing an explosion and engulfing the room in flames.. Two female patients, Sanije Sulaj, and Hani Mal, both aged 55, died from asphyxiation, according to Albanian news site Albeu.

The target of the attack, Dashamir Saraci, was seriously injured while the arsonist, identified as Lefter Canaj, died Tuesday, according to Albanian Daily News. He had been arrested a few hours earlier.



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