Designated terrorist group CAIR reports that so-called “hate incidents” against Muslims in California are skyrocketing

64335648_8696526747234259568_n-viThere’s only one major flaw with that report, the vast majority of those incidents involve name-calling or graffiti (much of it put up by Muslims themselves on mosques so they can play the overused ‘victim’ card).

Why must CAIR always trot out their most hideous looking spokesjihadist – Zahra Billo? Makes one want to grab that headbag and stuff it in her mouth to shut her up.

CASE IN POINT: Man phones CAIR office to ask where the next Muslim terrorist attack in the United States is going to be? He also said “all Muslims are disgusting.” This is what CAIR considers a “hate crime.”

CAIR’s SHAMELESS USE OF CHILDREN to whine about anti-Muslim bullying. Notice how they ALL are reading from prepared scripts. Perhaps if they would dress them like normal children instead of Muslim supremacist freaks, they wouldn’t get bullied.