FRENCH MEDIA to ban publication of photos and names of Muslim terrorists

2015-Terror-In-Paris-OPen-Animation_Still-868x488I guess they figure that way, there won’t be a backlash against Muslims because nobody will know for sure if the anonymous suicide bombers, slashers, beheaders, gang rapists, and car bombers were Muslims. Other media in the West are already self-sensoring themselves (examples below)

The Guardian  Several French news organizations have said they will no longer publish photographs of Muslims responsible for terrorist killings, to avoid bestowing “posthumous glorification.”


Le Monde published an editorial after the latest attack, the murder of an elderly priest in a church near Rouen by two men claiming allegiance to Islamic State. Under the headline “Resisting the strategy of hate”, Le Monde argued on Wednesday that all elements of society had to be involved in the struggle against terrorism, and that media organizations had a special role to play (in keeping people from knowing who the enemy is)


Le Monde has changed its practices several times,” the newspaper said.  It first chose not to republish images from Isis propaganda documents. Then, after the attack in Nice on 14 July, when a truck drove through crowds enjoying the Bastille Day public holiday, Le Monde said it had decided to “no longer publish photographs of the perpetrators of killings, to avoid the potential effect of posthumous glorification.” (No, it’s to avoid people blaming Islam for Islamic terror)

BBC used this misleading headline for Muslim who blew himself up in terrorist attack
BBC used this misleading headline for Muslim who blew himself up in terrorist attack

The television station BFM-TV and the Catholic newspaper La Croix said they had chosen the same course of action. “We made the decision last night to no longer show pictures of the terrorists until further notice,” BFM-TV editorial director Hervé Béroud told Agence France-Presse. “We have been thinking about this for some time. Our decision was speeded up by Nice, by the repeated tragedies.” (They AREN’T tragedies, they are massacres, ISLAMIC massacres)

Revised headline (left), Original headline (right)
Revised headline (left), Original headline (right)

Europe 1 radio said it would not reproduce photographs of perpetrators of terrorist killings on its website and would not broadcast their names. The France 24 television channel is also expected to announce that it will no longer show the pictures in its broadcasts.


The blackout is not total. Michel Field, the executive director of news at the state-run France Télévisions, issued a statement saying: “Our duty is to inform, it’s the right of citizens to be informed. And we must resist this race towards self-censorship and grand declarations of intention.”

Field said suppressing the names and pictures of terrorists would contribute to the anxiety of the public and the feeling that they were being kept in the dark by the mainstream media, adding that such censorship was ridiculous in the age of social media.