GERMAN Police arrest Algerian Muslim invader threatening to blow people up in Bremen shopping mall

Earlier during a manhunt, the shopping centre in the town had been evacuated. Police have since dismissed claims the individual had links to Islamic groups. (Sure they did, nothing to with Islam, right?)


Sputnik News  The shopping mall in the German northwestern city of Bremen was evacuated on Wednesday after the 19-year-old MUSLIM entered it with a large backpack and yelled “I’ll blow you up.”
Police said that the Algerian MUSLIM man had made statements sympathizing with the Munich MUSLIM gunman and MUSLIM extremists of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group. The comments were reportedly made while the MUSLIM man was in custody last weekend for multiple thefts. However, police said that they did not have any evidence proving that the MUSLIM man was jihadist inspired (Give me a break, they are ALL jihadist inspired)