Will anything stop the horrific animal abuse of Australian live animal exports by Muslim halal butchers in Indonesia?

Excruciatingly painful and barbaric halal slaughter by Muslims in Indonesia and all around the Middle East of Australian live animal exports continues despite five years of the best efforts by  ‘Animals Australia.’ 


It’s been 5 years since Australia awoke to the reality of live export. Since footage inside Indonesian MUSLIM slaughterhouses was exposed on natioanl TV, widespread outrage about extreme cruelty was compounded by revelations that the industry and government had not only known about the cruelty — but had actively facilitated the suffering of Australian animals in Indonesia for ten years. After decades of operation, the live export industry was forced to publicly respond to animal welfare concerns.
The cruelty to cattle in Indonesia was so extreme that the Australian government was left with no choice but to temporarily suspend the trade — and for the first time ever, laws were introduced that promised to protect animals exported for slaughter from the very worst abuses. Problem is, the laws don’t work. This is just a snapshot of the intrinsic and inherent cruelty that Australia’s live export industry has been exporting to the world in the last 5 years.