AFGHANISTAN: Elderly (60ish) Muslim cleric arrested for marrying 6-year-old girl

Prophet Muhammad & Aisha his child bride marriage cartoonThe old pervert says the girl was given to her as a gift by her parents. Her parents call it kidnapping. Whatever the case, an Afghan mullah finds himself behind bars following his purported marriage to a 6-year-old girl. (Just like the paedophile prophet Mohammed did)

RFERL  Sayed Mohammad Karim, said to be aged around 60, was held in central Ghor province as he claimed her parents gave him the girl as a “religious offering”, officials said. But they cited the family of the girl, believed to be in shock, as saying that she was abducted from western Herat province, bordering Iran.

Sayed Mohammad Karim
Sayed Mohammad Karim, Muslim cleric paedophile

“This girl does not speak, but repeats only one thing: ‘I am afraid of this man’,” said Masoom Anwari, head of the women affairs department in Ghor. The girl is currently in a woman’s shelter in Ghor and her parents are on their way to the province to collect her, the local governor’s office said.

Sayed Mohammad Karim, a religious figure in a village in the central province of Ghor, was arrested this week and charged with kidnapping and marriage to a minor.


“After the parents gave their daughter to me they said ‘you can take her wherever you want,'” said Karim, who is being held by police in the provincial capital, Firuz Koh. “I gave her to my nephew to take care of but he returned her after a week.”

“The marriage was performed during [the holy month of] Ramadan in the presence of 30 to 40 people,” added Karim, claiming the purported child bride’s parents were also in attendance. Karim says he did not have sexual intercourse with girl yet, a claim that has been backed by a local health official.


Afghan civil law sets the legal age of marriage at 16 for girls, yet 15 percent of Afghan women under 50 were married before their 15th birthday and almost half were married before the age of 18, according to Save the Children.

Under Afghan civil law, the legal age for marriage is 16 for girls. But the Afghan Constitution also allows for Shari’a law, which can provide an avenue for child marriages.

A common interpretation of Shari’a law in Afghanistan allows for child-age girls to be married, while granting the bride the right to forfeit the marriage upon reaching puberty, when the union can be consummated.