Is Germany hiding the ‘MUSLIM’ identity of the attacker who stabbed an enployee at a Cologne department store?

knife-blood-640-320_9A knife-wielding (MUSLIM?) attacker has carried out a vicious stabbing attack at the Galeria Kaufhof department store in Cologne in the latest act of (MUSLIM asylum seeker?) violence to strike Germany in just the last week.

UK Express  The (MUSLIM?) attacker, 58, lunged at a member of staff serving customers in the store after grabbing one of the blades on display. A 57-year-old employee was said to be badly injured after he was stabbed in the torso.


Police are reportedly treating the (ISLAMIC JIHADI?) attack, which happened at the Galeria Kaufhof shop on Cologne’s main high street, as attempted murder.

The victim was rushed to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery – his identity and condition is not yet known. Investigators are looking into whether the (MUSLIM?) attacker suffered with “mental health” problems. (DING DING DING! ‘Mental Health problems’ is the new code for MUSLIM JIHADIST)

There is no indication that the stabbing was terrorism-related although Germany is on high alert for another Islamist-inspired attack after a string of incidents in the last 10 days. (That’s what they say after very Islamic attack now)

The attack happened yesterday evening in the centre of the wealthy west German city, just hours after a huge police operation was carried out at a job centre elsewhere in Cologne. Huge police operation at Cologne job centre as staff ‘threatened by foreign (MUSLIM?) men’


ARMED police swooped on a job centre in the German city of Cologne today as the arrest of a group of (MUSLIM?) migrants who “threatened” staff sparked fears of a (MUSLIM?) knife woman on the loose. Police headed to the building at around 3pm to arrest a (MUSLIM?) man who had made a death threat after finding out that he had appointment at the employment office for that time. 

According to the German newspaper Bild the operation was linked to an alleged fight between two (MUSLIM?) men at a nearby (MUSLIM?) refugee camp last night, during which one (MUSLIM?) threatened to kill the other (MUSLIM?)

Officers who arrived at the building arrested the (MUSLIM?) man and four fellow (MUSLIM?) asylum seekers, according to reports.