Shhhh…don’t tell anyone but even Democrats don’t care about so-called ‘Palestinian rights’

When a “Palestinian Human Rights” sign was yanked out of a Washington State delegate’s hand at the DNC convention, he whines: “It’s almost like racism.” (Except for the fact that Islam is not a ‘race’)

This happened during the roll call yesterday by the Washington State delegation, as the state’s Democratic Party chair, Jaxon Ravens, was speaking. Majid Al-Bahadli, a Bernie Sanders delegate who was standing behind Ravens, was holding up the sign, which said, “I support Palestinian human rights,” until someone yanked it out of his hand.


“I feel really terrible,” he told me by phone from Philadelphia today. “This is almost like racism… There is no words to describe it.” He said it felt like an effort to censor the Palestinian cause from the convention. Al-Bahadli described how Hillary Clinton’s delegates refused to add the word “occupation” to the party platform.

Varisha Khan is another member of the Washington delegation. “If the sign says that I stand for Palestinian human rights, and someone is snatching that sign, I think that says a lot in terms of where people stand on basic human rights at the DNC,” she said. Khan said she went to the convention hoping to hear the Democrats take a stronger stand against Islamophobia and hate crimes against Muslim-Americans. (Stop complaining crybaby, they let you hold up a terrorist flag on the first day of the convention, where there was not an American flag in sight)