FRANCE: Did you know that the Normandy church in which the priest was beheaded by Muslim jihadists had donated church land to Muslims so they could build a mosque?

592940The head of a religious order in Co Down who knew slain Father Jacques Hamel has revealed that Church land beside the scene of the murder was given by Catholic authorities to Muslims to build a mosque.

Belfast Telegraph  (h/t Jana D) Belfast-born Father Mark Ephrem Nolan said, “The shock is worse now the news has had time to sink in. Fr Jacques was a quiet, holy man who worked all his life for people in impoverished areas, much in the mould of Pope Francis.”

Muslim terrorist and priest killer Adel Kermiche in 2011 and now
Muslim terrorist and priest killer Adel Kermiche in 2011 and now

“He led a pure, simple life, with an emphasis on building friendships. Church authorities facilitated the giving of land beside his church to local Muslims to build a mosque, and they were given use of the parish hall and other facilities during Ramadan.”

Fr Nolan revealed his order included a monk who had been a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Rouen, where Fr Hamel was brutally killed by Muslim extremists in his church in an act Islamic State has claimed responsibility for.


Despite the attack, the cleric said Catholics and Muslims in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, the town in Normandy where Fr Hamel died, got on well with one another. “The Sisters even give reading lessons to Muslim kids in tower blocks.

“There is a large Muslim population there, and relations are normally very good between the communities,” said Fr Nolan, who was born in 1958, the year Fr Hamel was ordained. “Efforts have been made by the Christian community to be welcoming to Muslims.


Ironically, Fr Hamel’s last pastoral letter to his parish in June, which was received by Fr Nolan, called for communities to live together and “accept each other as they are”.

ISIS has released video purportedly showing Abdel-Malik Nabir Petitjean, one of the Normandy church attackers urging all Muslims to rise up and attack westerners “en masse”.  The terror cell’s official news agency AMAQ published the clip apparently featuring Abdel-Malik Nabir Petitjean, in which he warns President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls their country will “suffer”. 

In the video, the teenage terrorist tells his “brothers” to “go out with a knife, whatever is needed. “Attack them, kill them en masse.”