STUPID! Israeli official forced to apologize for saying Arab Muslims shouldn’t be in the same swimming pool as Jews

ypvUwsuIsraeli Council head  said swimming pools should be segregated because Arab Muslims have different hygiene habits from Jews. They DO! They force their women and girls to get into swimming pools fully clothed.

Haaretz  A council head from northern Israel who said he doesn’t want Arabs in his towns’ pools apologized on Friday, saying his remarks were misunderstood. 

Hitze in Berlin

Lower Galilee Regional Council head Motti Dotan had told a radio station on Thursday that public swimming pools should be segregated because Arabs have different hygiene habits from Jews.

He offered an apology in a Facebook post on Friday. 


“My dear Jewish and Arab friends,” he said. “Yesterday during a radio broadcast I was asked about the homogenous population that patronizes the pools in the council’s towns. In my response, I addressed the cultural differences between the populations and their conduct at the pool. Unfortunately, it’s possible that I was misunderstood, and may have had a slip of the tongue. In any case, I apologize to anyone who felt offended.”


In the radio interview on Thursday, Dotan said he doesn’t hate Arabs “but I don’t want them at my pools. I don’t go to their pools, either.”

Dotan claimed that his comments had nothing to do with racism. “It’s cultural differences, it’s not racism… In non-Jewish, Arab culture, you go into the pool wearing clothes, trying to dictate all types of clothing, and that’s why it doesn’t suit us. “


“The culture of cleanliness isn’t the same as ours,” he continued.  “Why is that racist?” 

According to the Times of Israel, Kol Chai’s interview with Dotan came as a follow-up to a questionnaire it had sent out to northern council leaders about whether they allowed non-locals to use their swimming pools.


“This a cultural difference; it’s not racism,” Dotan said on Thursday. “In the non-Jewish culture, the Arab [culture], they go into the pool with their clothes on, and try to lay down manners of dress like that or similar, and therefore it is not suitable for us. The hygiene culture is not like ours. Why is it racism?”

Dotan noted that no Jews swim at an Arab-owned private pool near Kibbutz Beit Rimon, one of several Jewish communities and towns represented by his council. Neighboring Arab towns and villages are represented by a different regional council.


Dotan heads a regional council that includes 18 Jewish communities, some of which are located near Arab towns. For example, the Jewish religious kibbutz of Beit Rimon neighbors the Arab communities of Kafr Kana and Tur’an, and the Jewish community of Sarona is located near the Circassian Kafr Kama.

Dotan noted that “also with Arabs, if they act according to our norms I don’t have a problem with them, but it doesn’t happen, that’s why I’m making a generalization.”



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  1. Just as in the Yemen when there was a sizeable community, Jews weren’t allowed in pools with Arabs because the Arabs said that they don’t want the pool to get polluted Jews, as Jews are dirty and Arabs will get contaminated. However the opposite in reality is the truth the Arabs don’t wash properly so they stink. The Israel Minister should have never apologised. Give the Arabs back some of their own medicine, they always treated Jews in the Arab and Islamic world as third class citizens. However now the shoe is on the other foot as far as Arabs are concerned in Israel.
    Although the Arabs in Israel are treated one million times better than how they treated the Jews.

    • You are absolutely right – ISRAEL does not need to apologize to Arab unhygienic filth. Muslim nurses in UK refuse to scrub up to their elbows before attending surgeons in Theatre – don’t suppose it has occurred to anyone this may well be one of the factors contributing to MRSA & CDIC in British hospitals.

  2. 1. Muslims don’t like using soap, which kills germs & removes dirt.
    2. It is a fact that wearing clothing introduces germs, bacteria, viruses, fungus into the water. That’s why we are supposed to wear “swim suits”
    Therefore it is a hygiene issue that effects everyone who uses the pool.
    What pisses me off is, the Mudslime women NEVER go to pools in their own country. They are trying to be obnoxious, shove it down your throat Muslims. They just lurk in the water, not doing anything like swim or dive. Most don’t know how to swim, so maybe they’ll drown in the deep end. Then they’ll sue, which will cause the pool to close.
    Muslims: Hazardous to your health.

    • I am not trying to start a war but there are plenty of people who don’t use soap or shower. There are also many people who like to play and relax in pools instead of swim so why can’t they do it? In Europe there are many European people who swim without any clothes on at all and probably pee in the pools . There is also a thing called chlorine that disinfects bacteria in the pool. Also there are people of every background who don’t know how to swim. Muslims can’t show their body or take off their garments in front of people because it’s against their religion. Just like how Jews aren’t supposed to eat non kosher products because it’s against Judaism. Didn’t Jesus say love everyone. We are all nasty filthy sinners and are really worth a pile of crap, but despite all of that God still loves all of us equally. And for all those people saying they only wash their feet in water didn’t Jews do the same back in biblical times and some still do it. Also for others who believe in God how do you think he would react to all these negative comments he .

  3. I am no expert, but swimming fully clothed must present problems with swimming and probably more likely to drown without a life buoy.

    I would ban them from swimming as potentional risk of drowning.

  4. Why would someone be required to apologize for telling the TRUTH??!!!! Fully clothed people DO NOT belong in PUBLIC swimming pools, or ANY pools, for that matter!!!!

  5. Swimming pools are for swimming …. not for Muslim women to wash their “rags” …. well, at least they don’t shed bits of cling on toilet paper …. since they don’t use it ?

  6. when will Israel grow some BALLS? then Israel tells Jews in diaspora to come, please come…b’vekesha..WHY? ISRAEL: GROW A PAIR

  7. Think about how easy it would be to drown them dumb asses in a fight in the water if they wore them blankets.

  8. They are trying their filth every where. It happened in our Gym. I wrote a letter to the management. Here it is:
    Hello folks.
    Today, June 3, 2008, a strange incident happened in the club.

    My wife and I went to the gym.
    2 Women veiled completely with only their faces showing (just above the eyes brown to the chin). They used to come to the gym to exercise keeping this ghost clothes on. Well we did not say anything, if management does not mind.

    BUT, here is the incident:
    These 2 Muslim women COMPLETELY veiled went towards the swimming pool. A member shouted at them “shower up”. They said “OK”.
    I was watching them what they are going to do.
    They went under the shower fully clothed, then they came to the swimming pool. The same fellow asked “did you shower up?” They answered “yes”, AND WENT INTO THE SWIMMING POOL FULLY CLOTHED!!!!
    I say that they washed their cloths while wearing them, but definitely not showered. This is menace to health. This is a menace to one’s health.
    I and few members looked very astonished and disgusted, some frustrated.

    I also noticed that they went to the “Rules and regulations” board, which is posted in the swimming area and read it, before their daring attempt.
    In other words, they don’t give a damn about the infidels’ rules!!

    That was it for me. I went to the manager and directed him to the women. He said to me, “that is their faith”. I thought that I don’t hear right.
    I said, “well I’ll go naked.” He said “no.”
    I said , “OK, I’ll go with my street clothes on He said “no”.
    I said that is nonsense you keep saying no no to me, but to them they can do whatever they want, because they are Muslims!!
    He said that I should be tolerant.
    I told him that I don’t give a damn about anyone’s faith. But, I, definitely do if it affects my health. Also, I respect the rules, so must must.
    I asked him what about your own rules, the fifth specifying the proper attire, “Proper swim wear is required at all times. (no thongs, exercise or street clothes , or tennis shoes).”
    The first rule, “All persons must shower before entering wet areas and between steam room, and sauna and pools.”
    The seventh rule, “All persons must dry off before re-entering the locker rooms. “
    How can they dry off all those clothes?? They are creating a dangerous, slippery situation for everybody, especially for the elderly.

    For hygienic purpose. God knows what is under those clothes which are released into the water.

    My wife, also, spoke to the manager. She got the same reaction.
    Other members were greatly annoyed.

    My question is, are Muslims exempt from the rules of the club???

    We just like to know where we stand .

    My wife, my kids and I are members since May 1986, at the opening of this Gym. We have never ever complained about anything. But, this is a little too much to digest.
    Don’t you agree?!
    Please, let us know what are you going to do about it.

    • I’m glad you complained. Most of us don’t like having to share the same water & their Pisslam shoved down our throats, but most won’t take the time to question it with the people in charge.
      I wonder if a petition would change the situation any?

  9. at a beach some years it was forbidden for young arabs to go there because they looked at the woman and masturbated!
    im germany this happened in the water,in busses,trains,on the streets,near child playgrounds…all read in the maistream media!

  10. Muslims need to just face up to the fact that they are so backward and irrational in unscientific unsanitary behavior that it makes no sense for them to use the same pools as everyone else.

    Pools should just require normal swimsuits only (no burkinis) and anyone who can’t wear a normal swimsuit can be assumed to be too filthy and backward to use the pool.

  11. Seperate swimming pools is no where near enough for me,
    continents wouldn’t be enough either,but planets?
    We might be getting there!

    No pallyscum should be allowed within 500metres of any israeli, the koranic urge is far too ingrained,

    No Jew/Israeli is safe around moslems/pretendistians,
    But yet Israelis house,medicate, and facilitate these bastards,

    My own analogy is, palestine is like israels terratoma twin,feeding of her goodness, like a parasitic being, it needs to be cut away like the agressive cancer it is,

    Call in the Victorian surgeons, no anaesthetic just saws and blunt blades,

  12. All these muslims are sex deprived and thus sex obsessed with their carnal paradise and promises of 72 virgins. Rape is such an important and integral part of Islam. You would think muslims would love seeing women in bikinis, but it actually upsets them and is yet another thing that makes them go bezerk, go figure..very hard to understand these evil weirdo’s..

  13. Political correctness strikes again. If the Israelis have a requirement for appropriate swim wear, it should be posted and enforced.

  14. The worldwide muslim population would certainly seem to be very primitive.
    Always amazes me. And, they never seem to change. May just learn very,very slowly.


  15. He should not be punished, and I am disappointed in Israel for rebuking him. Israel should cast out all the devil-worshippers, because Israel belongs to the Jews only!

    Besides; moslem women aren’t exactly forced to wear their dirty clothes in pools – they WANT to, because they are proud that they are different than us Western ‘whores’ with loose hair!

  16. No matter where they are…liberals are assholes! Always afraid someone is going to “think” they are racists. Even if the muslims were clean freaks, seeing some woman floating around in a burqa or whatever…I would get out.

  17. I cannot believe that even Israel is following the policy of appeasement of muslims. I would have expected better from them! That being said, I am glad that he used the term “misunderstood” in his apology. After all, this is the muslim’s favorite excuse for behavior towards ‘kaffir’ – that they are misunderstood, that their prophet is misunderstood, and the peaceful quran is misunderstood.