SWEDISH WOMAN sexually molested by 9 Muslim invaders during her lunch break

A Swedish woman who was molested by 9 MUSLIM migrants during her lunch break this week in Nassjo, Sweden. wrote about it on Facebook and her ex-boyfriend posted a video on the attack. The woman had to be rescued by her boss.

Here is the message he received from his wife after the assault.


h/t Gateway Pundit


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  1. Makes me sick!! What the hell is wrong with Europe??? For God’s sake, throw out that government, and get rid of the Muslim hoards!! Make the lovely country of Sweden safe for their own women, again. You better wake up, being mad is not enough, you must demand justice for your own, your swine liberal Muslim lover leaders will not !!! You have planes, and boats, and you have brains, start loading them up with these barbaric animals and get rid of them, there is no other way!!

  2. The thing to remember about Sweden is that it was made illegal, against the law, to catcall or whistle or call out in any way when women pass by. Their definition of sexual assault and rape are the strictest in the world. So now the women are in shock about how they are being treated. Yet, they still support “good” Moslems entering their country. It’s going to be a long uphill battle in Sweden.

  3. When is the west going to learn. C so many still in denial that Islam is a problem. Why why why. Can’t they see.

  4. I am constantly thinking of what will be eventual breaking point that leads to action being taken against this filth. Depressingly I don’t think that this will ever occur. We lost the battle when the left got control of the schools and brain washed out kids to be ashamed of western culture and values.

    All I am really concerned about these days is keeping my family safe – although that is becoming more difficult with every Muslim entering Australia.

  5. I’m glad this guy is angry. Time to start fighting back somehow. These Muslims will not stop until they are forced to. Women need to arm themselves somehow. I suppose it is the Africans who are acting out this way more than the Arabs. The Arabs kill, the Africans rape.

  6. They do need to fight back..but if they do,what will thier government do? They way they are protecting those savages, I can only imagine the swedes will he jailed. But if they don’t fight back, they will be dead. It’s time to kick out there government they have now.

    This is why I’m voting Trump.

  7. For the hundredth time I think–if only someone had a gun….oh wait, then HE would be arrested. This is nuts.

  8. I pray there will be change in January 2017. I think that not only America but the remainder of the world will begin to lean right as elections come to Europe and the USA.

  9. The guy in the video is incensed, as no doubt many other Swedes are. Time to grow some balls, dudes, time to start kicking goddamned muzscum ass because there is NO OTHER option for dealing with the islamic pathology. You’ve got to take matters into your own hands, you still have the numbers now to do so, to hunt down the perps, to utterly annihilate them. NO F**Kin MERCY. This isn’t some inner city gang warfare, it’s a virtual war of cultures, a right and civil society against a culture and ideology of incarnate evil.

  10. Typical. That what Muslims do obeying their filthy evil Koran. They have no shame, conscious, or feelings towards others. What a shame that such nice people of Sweden are treated horribly by the most barbaric.

  11. Imagined if that happened in Russia! Those muzzies would have been beaten by throngs of mighty men! I love watching youtube videos of Russian men beating the crap out of muzzie men after assaulting Russian women!!!!

  12. Unfortunately not really news is it. It would be news if the authorities did something about it.

      • By every witness. Your mind is the weapon, you body just a tool. All else is an accessory. Brick stick or blade, in this numbers count

        • Right on D., When using your mind, everything is available as an accessory, such as your belt buckle, a broken tree branch, a base ball bat, tire iron, bottle of car oil from the trunk, the heel of your shoe, a garbage can, a purse with a brick inside and so on. If my wife, or my daughters and grand daughters were assaulted, there would be ‘blood in the street’ and yes, I would be in court defending why I used excessive force. Vigilante justice will happen if the police and the governments refuse to protect their citizens from the mus slum monsters of is slum.