MICHIGANISTAN: Detroit Muslim convert turned ISIS sympathizer has been stockpiling weapons and explosives allegedly to carry out a jihadi attack in America

 Sebastian Gregerson, also known by his Muslim name, Abdurrahman Bin Mikaayl, had been on the FBU terrorist watch list for 18 months. (I guess our media are getting like France now, not putting out a photo of the alleged perp)


Detroit Free Press  The 29-year-old Detroit man’s growing arsenal of grenades, launchers, assault rifles, ammo, combat knives and road spikes he bought on eBay were of particular concern, court records show. And his talk of attacks were equally alarming.

So an FBI counter-terrorism squad stayed on his heels, following him to sporting good stores and tracking his purchases, trying determine why Gregerson had explosives and guns in his house, and whether or not he was planning an actual attack, records show. (Whether or NOT?)


On Monday, in a federal courtroom in downtown Detroit, Gregerson stood before a magistrate judge accused of two crimes. Neither was for terrorism. Rather, the FBI concluded that it had seen enough and heard enough — an undercover agent recorded conversations with Gregerson — to charge him with possessing a destructive device and receiving explosive materials without a proper license. He was arrested Sunday night, the FBI said, when he tried to buy grenades from undercover agents.

The case started 16 months ago with a tipster alerting the FBI about Gregerson having bazookas and grenades, and ended with Gregerson buying grenades from an undercover FBI agent at a Monroe gas station on Sunday.

An undercover FBI agent also met with Gregerson on numerous occasions and recorded their conversations, including one in which Gregerson focused on grenades and grenade launchers, and described what “tactics he would employ to commit an attack on a building” using various grenades.

The FBI has stopped short of calling him a potential terrorist and won’t comment on the case. Neither will the U.S. Attorney’s office. (Obviously suffering from tied-hands syndrome under the Obama regime)