Spanish police hunt for Moroccan MUSLIM man who attacked Spanish priest, telling him: “You should be afraid of me, I’m an Arab. Son of a bitch, I’m going to kill you”

Police are hunting for a Moroccan MUSLIM man who attacked a Catholic priest at a cafe in Spain, just a week after the murder of French priest Father Jacques Hamel by Islamic State jihadis.


UK Daily Mail (h/t Maria J)  THE MUSLIM AGGRESSOR, thought be aged around 35, tried to grab the priest’s crucifix around his neck before threatening to kill him after insulting him. The scare happened as the Franciscan missionary was visiting relatives in his native city of Cartagena in south east Spain.

A waiter rushed to his aid at the unnamed cafe but was hit over the head with a bottle. The Moroccan fled after being stopped by two compatriots when he broke the bottle and went to attack the priest with a shard of broken glass.


Police were called but failed to find him during a search of the area. They are said to be looking for a man, a witness named as Mohamed, who has worked in several restaurants in Cartagena.

He was reportedly drunk when the incident happened, around 7pm on Monday, less than a week after two ISIS killers cut the throat of Father Jacques Hamel at a church in Normandy.

The priest, known only by his religious name of Fray Job de Jesus, told a local paper he believed the attack had been ‘ideologically-motivated’ and was a clear case of Christianophobia. (At least someone in the Catholic church understands what the Islamic State is doing, unlike the Pope)