EVIDENCE that the Obama Regime’s gun-running scheme to Syrian “rebels” actually armed the Islamic State (ISIS)

For anyone who doesn’t remember, Ambassador Christopher Stevens was in Libya solely for the purpose of transferring American weapons from Libya to Syria via Turkey.


Breitbart  The Obama regime pursued a policy in Libya back in 2011 that ultimately allowed guns to walk into the hands of jihadists linked to the Islamic State (ISIS) and al-Qaeda (AQ) in Syria, according to a former CIA officer who co-authored a report on behalf of the Citizen’s Commission on Benghazi (CCB), detailing the gun running scheme.

And now we see the evidence. Video footage emerged from the Bani Zaid district of Aleppo, Thursday, showing the discovery of a large cache of foreign-made weapons and missiles, found in a house in territory controlled by the so-called Islamic State. (No audio)