[UPDATED] As suspected, the mass stabbing attack in London that killed an American woman and injured 5 others, WAS by a MUSLIM, a SOMALI MUSLIM from Norway


IGNORE REPORTS OUT OF THE UK carried by the sharia-compliant media blaming it on “mental health issues” of a Norwegian of Somali origin (never mentioning his Muslim origin, of course, that would be ‘racist’)

Here’s the headline from the UK Telegraph today: “American woman stabbed to death in London rampage by ‘mentally ill’ Norwegian-Somali (MUSLIM)  knifeman as police find no link to terrorism. Other wounded victims are British, American, Israeli and Australian.


An American woman in her 60s has been killed after being repeatedly stabbed in the back by a knifeman in a central London rampage as police rowed back on terrorism as a potential motive and said the attack was probably triggered by mental health issues.

The US citizen was knifed by the “large man” – who was reportedly wearing black shorts and a white t-shirt – as he silently and indiscriminately attacked pedestrians in Russell Square on Wednesday night.


She was helped by a family of Spanish tourists as she lay slumped against railings after being targeted by the knifeman, who witnesses said did not say a word as he also stabbed a man in his 40s in the chest and a woman in her 20s in the arm.

A 19-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, having received treatment in hospital under armed guard after a Taser was discharged as he was detained by police shortly after 10.30pm.


The suspect is a Norwegian national of Somalian origin, but no evidence has been found of radicalisation, Scotland Yard’s head of counter-terrorism Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said.

Police had earlier said they were keeping an open mind over the motive behind the attack – which took place in a popular central London tourist area close to the scene of the July 7 London bus bombing in 2005 – and said terrorism was “one line of inquiry that we should explore”. 

Israeli woman (left) was one of the victims
Israeli woman (left) was one of the victims

Mr Rowley said that so far no evidence has been found of radicalisation that would suggest the man in custody was “in any way motivated by terrorism”

ISIS supporters have already expressed delight at the stabbing attack in London that left one American woman dead and five people injured. The ISIS-linked group account on private social media channels linked to on Twitter published pictures on the aftermath of the attack. 


The Arabic-language account, called the ‘News Publishing Service’, which has a logo incorporating a rifle said: ‘Here you have a picture of the site where the stabbing took place, Russell Square in the centre of ‘Christendom’ London.’ It was also reported that an Arabic-language account wrote that ‘It’s nice to wake up to such news’.

Russia Today gives a better account than the British media:

UPDATE1: Was ‘devout Muslim’ Russell Square knifeman radicalised? Police to trawl ‘impressionable’ attacker’s PC for links to ISIS as neighbour claims mental illness is a ‘scapegoat’

Asked what he thought motivated the attack, Parmjit said: ‘I think peer pressure, hanging around with gangs. He wasn’t working, he was hanging around with Somalian boys and I think they had possible links to serious ISIS people – not directly, but they see all this stuff and are inspired by it.

UPDATE2: Somali MUSLIM in London knife attack whom police said was just mentally ill ‘recommended Jihad terror books’

Heat Street has found evidence that a person using the same name – Zakaria Bulhan – has listed at least one book advocating violent jihadism in their personal account on the Good Reads website since 2014.

Update: An exhaustive search of UK records by Heat Street shows there is only one person in the whole of Britain with the name Zakaria Bulhan. His date of birth is listed as May 1986 – making him 20, not 19 – and he is registered as living Tooting, South London. 

It is a near certainty that this is the same person arrested by police and said to have ‘no links’ to terrorism, but merely to be mentally ill.

UPDATE3: Below is a current photo of the Somali Muslim terrorist, Zakaria Bulhan, unlike the one of him when he was about 10 or 11 that the media has been using.