BELGIUM: “ANOTHER” machete-wielding Muslim causes evacuation of neighborhood


A neighborhood in the Belgian city of Liege was evacuated after a machete-wielding TURKISH MUSLIM man in his 20’s was arrested, but was not said to be planning an attack. (No, he was just running around with a machete at the crack of dawn for the fun of it)

Independent  According to officials, the individual does not have any criminal convictions. However, according to SudInfo, he may have given a false identity to the police.

Police received a call at around 6:20am local time on Sunday morning saying there was a man with a machete in the Carre neighbourhood of the north-eastern city. 

There are no indications at this stage that the incident is connected to terrorism, but it comes the day after a man was shot dead after attacking and wounding two female police officers with a machete in Charleroi in the country’s south.