You can only force French Law Enforcement to deal with the hordes of Muslim freeloaders so far before they snap

FRENCH POLICEMAN LAUGHS! A riot police officer has come under fire after he was caught mocking and ridiculing a weeping Muslim illegal alien invader whose illegal camp had just been dismantled.


Sunday Express  The distressed Muslim freeloader broke down in tears as she begged the policeman to help her retrieve her personal crap from the camp which was just about to be demolished. The callous policeman refused the invader’s plea and laughed in her face. 


He even shoved her away and allegedly kicked a babystroller nearby.

The upsetting incident unfolded as heavily armed French police dismantled a camp home to 2,500 illegal aliens. Muslim migrants were forced from their makeshift tent homes set up in the centre of the French capital. 


Armed riot officers moved in to remove the invaders as part of a widespread crackdown on the illegal camps. Many of the invaders did not have time to pack up all of their belongings before the camp was demolished. 

The confrontation caught on camera erupted as the tense situation left some invaders without any of their junk.

Migrants from Eritrea sit near tents as they live in a make-shift camp under a metro bridge in Paris

The woman wanted to return to the camp to pick up her stuff. But, the police guard pushed her away and said: “I’m the one giving orders. Get out!”

The woman shows her papers to a female police officer while crying loudly. Another officer can then be seen mocking the woman, laughing and saying to colleagues: “There is not a single tear on her face. Not even one crocodile tear.”


The incident on Friday was the 26th time police have broken up illegal migrant camps in Paris over the last year. Many of the removed illegal invaders were forced onto coaches to be driven to permanent camps (where they don’t want to go). 


The incident comes just days after a Muslim man died in police custody.  Local prosecutor Yves Jannier says 24-year-old Adama Traore “fainted during the ride” to the police station and paramedics were unable to revive him (Hopefully, they didn’t try).