FINLAND: Another Muslim stabbing attack your media probably did not report

An Iraqi MUSLIM man stabbed two people and held a knife to a third person’s throat on Thursday evening at the Laajakoski Muslim asylum seeker reception centre in Kotka. The motive for the incident is unknown but media are quick to attribute it to “mental issues.”


YLE (h/t Cleverson Y)  As has become par for the course in the rest of Europe, Finnish media claim the Muslim attacker had “mental issues.” Police say they used a stun gun to stop the attacker, whose case is now being investigated as attempted manslaughter, aggravated assault and making unlawful threats. None of the victims’ injuries (all fellow asylum seekers) are life threatening.

According to Arja Vainio, Executive Director of the Finnish Red Cross Southeastern Finland District, the Iraqi Muslim man, who was born in 1989, has previously suffered from psychological problems.

“He has appeared anxious and aggressive, which is why this didn’t come as a surprise. Some (Muslim) residents are very traumatised and suffer from different psychological problems,” says Vainio. “In unusual and exceptional circumstances, it’s no surprise if some of those issues rise to the surface like in this situation,” she says.

Muslim asylum seeking invaders in Finland
Muslim asylum seeking invaders in Finland