GERMANY: Five injured in mass stabbing – Mental Issues? Robbery gone wrong?

Well, that’s what the German media and officials are hoping it will be. No description of attacker offered which leads us to believe it was probably a Muslim.


Twitchy  Police haven’t yet linked Islamic terrorism to a mass stabbing Monday in the city of Magdeburg that injured five, but residents of Germany certainly have to be on edge after those previous attacks, and some have their doubts about the attacker’s motive.

How do 5 people end up getting stabbed if it was a single cellphone robbery attempt? Apparently people on Twitter aren’t buying it.

A 64-year-old woman reportedly suffered cuts to the face. Here’s a rough translation of HLN’s coverage via Google:

The suspect first attempted to steal the mobile phone of a young person. Then he hit a 63-year-old man in the face after he tried in vain to pull him off his bike. Then he grabbed two women and pushed them to the ground. The motive of the perpetrator is not yet known.