FOX network decides to scrap plans for a Muslim sitcom allegedly created to fight so-called ‘Islamophobia’

After a barrage of protests objecting to such a sitcom, FOX has passed on “Chad: An American Boy” – a ‘comedy’ about a Middle-Eastern (Muslim) family starring Saturday Night Live alumna Nasim Pedrad (below), a Muslim female playing a Muslim teenage boy. (Gee, what could possibly go wrong?)


Deadline  20th Century Fox TV, the studio behind the project created by Pedrad and Rob Rosell and directed by Jason Winer, is planning to aggressively shop it  to broadcast, cable and streaming networks including Hulu.

Apparently this announcement came after Barack Hussein Obama requested such a show then he spoke at a terror-linked mosque in Baltimore, Maryland in February. “Our TV shows should have Muslim characters that are unrelated to national security,” Obama said Feb. 3 at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, which is affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America, or ISNA.

Nasim Pedrad as a teenage boy
Nasim Pedrad as a teenage Muslim boy

FOX’s pull back from the show began on April 18, 2016 when their executives became concerned about the show causing the network to lose advertisers. 

Florida Family Association launched an online campaign on March 15, 2016 that asked people to send an email to encourage officials at 21st Century Fox to reconsider their plans to produce the new Muslim sitcom pilot titled Chad: An American Boy, threatening that they would urge companies not to advertise on the program. 

This type of email campaign was successful in getting the TLC show about Muslims, “All American Muslim,” filmed in Dearbornistan, pulled off the air after more than 200,000 angry emails convinced major advertisers like Lowe’s to pull their ads from the show.

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