NETHERLANDS: ANOTHER MUSLIM SLASHER screaming “Allahu Akbar” terrifies shoppers

Attaque-au-couteauPolice officers were forced to shoot down a knife wielding MUSLIM man who terrified shoppers with shouts of ‘Allah Akbar.’ The incident took place on yesterday afternoon in Spijkenisse, a commuter-town close to the city of Rotterdam in the west of the Netherlands.

UK Daily Mail  The police spotted a local man, 35, close to the central metro station of Spijkenisse who made wild movements with a butcher’s knife.

Police closed off the crime scene after shooting the knife-wielding man
Police closed off the crime scene after shooting the knife-wielding Muslim

Shoppers and commuters were especially worried by shouts of ‘Allah Akbar’. A police officer was forced to shoot down the man when he came storming towards them with the knife.

According to a police spokesman, the knife wielding MUSLIM was still responsive after he was shot in his leg, and was taken to a hospital. No other people were injured in the incident.

It is not yet known why the man, a 35-year-old citizen of Spijkenisse, wielded a knife or shouted ‘Allah Akbar’. According to the police, the man looked confused.

Multiple eye-witnesses heard the shouts of ‘Allah Akbar’, although some who watched the scenes unfold were not impressed. A group of girls reported that the suspect also dropped his pants in front of them before making a scene with the butcher’s knife.