UK Romanians beat the crap out of Muslims after they tried to stop them from drinking

Muslim weenies should know better than to pick a fight with real men.


UK Daily Mail  A gang of Romanians stormed a barber shop with baseball bats and brutally attacked the Muslim staff after the owner asked them to stop drinking outside following more than a year of disputes. One man was taken to hospital with serious injuries and other suffered minor wounds after the group of up to fifteen people attacked Five Star Barbers in Luton, owner Mohammad Abbas-Khan said.

The 23-year-old hairdresser said that one man received a bad head injury while the owner of the shop next-door was repeatedly beaten on the back so badly that two days later, he is still unable to move his arm.


The men smashed the window of the shop, damaged one of the staff member’s cars and blood could be seen splattered on the floor tiles after the brutal attack.

Mr Abbas-Khan was in the shop with two other staff members at the time but he now fears that they will return and attack him when he is alone.  ‘I have a very strong feeling they will come back. Sometimes I work until 10pm or 11pm and if I am all on my own, what could I do to protect myself,’ he said.

Mr Abbas-Khan said Sunday’s attack comes after a long series of events that have left shop owners along Dunstable Road feeling helpless.


He claims they have had numerous meetings with the police and Luton Borough Council, yet nothing has been done, leaving owners frustrated.

Mr Abbas-Khan added: ‘It’s been over a year now and it’s just getting worse and worse. I’ve contacted the police and the council several times, we’ve had so many meetings but they don’t listen.

‘Some of my Muslim clients don’t wait to come in because there are women and children who need haircuts, but the Romanians are very intimidating. (Awwww)


Mr Mr Abbas-Khan explained how on Sunday, he asked them to move on and at first, he and a drunk Romanian in a small group exchanged heated words, pushed each other, then they fled.

Minutes later, a group of fifteen appeared with baseball bats and sticks, then started beating him and his staff. 

He added: ‘All of us got hurt, my next-door neighbour got hurt quite badly. They just kept hitting him over the back and shoulder and now he still can’t move his arm. ‘One of my staff had to go to hospital, he was hurt very badly.’