FRANCE begs it citizens to let illegal alien Muslim invaders live in their homes

hqdefaultFrench officials are already warning that France is ‘on the verge of a civil war’ caused not in small part by mass sexual assaults on women by Muslim migrants across Europe, so how dare they ask their own citizens to open their homes and their young daughters to these dangerous deviants?

UK Express  This stupidity isn’t limited to France. The government of Sweden is similarly asking it’s citizens to hand over their summer homes to Muslim migrants.

Muslim invaders threaten Europe to open its borders or get killed

Muslim invaders threaten Europe to open its borders or be prepared to die

There are currently 147 reception centres across France, but these are in massive demand as millions of Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and potential jihadists refugees continue to flee the Middle East.

Housing minister Emmanuelle Cosse has pledged to built a further 50 centres before the end of next month in a desperate bid to ease the crisis. (Saudi Arabia has huge airconditioned tents that can house more than 3 million people yet they have refused to accept even one Muslim refugee and the West and UN say nothing)

Open your home to them?

Open your home to them?

But she has also called on French people to open up their homes to migrants in need. Several organizations have already promised to help.

The group Singa has helped 300 migrants find a temporary home since it launched its ‘Calm’ scheme last June. Singa co-director Alice Barbe said: “We match people according to where they live, their job, their hobbies, and the languages they speak.


“If things work out, the migrant will remain in the person’s home for a minimum of two weeks, and for up to nine months.”

And speaking last year, fellow co-founder Guillaume Capelle said: “We can see that there are four million displaced people.

“Countries like Lebanon are taking in one million people. Here in France, we’re taking 24,000 refugees – evidently, that’s fairly few in comparison. 

Open your home to them?

Open your home to them?

“What interests us, however, is ensuring that the people who do arrive here have enough of an opportunity to start a new life.”

Last week a peer has called on the Government to show “more humanity and intelligence” to child refugees in Calais’ notorious ‘Jungle’ camp.

Labour’s Lord Dubs requested Theresa May’s “urgent intervention” in reuniting children living in the camp with their families in the UK.

Open your home to them?

Open your home to them?

He added: “They have every legal and moral right to be with their families in the UK. It is shameful they remain stuck in a field, surrounded by strangers.”

Imam tells Muslim migrants to ‘breed children’ with Europeans to ‘conquer their countries’ and vows: ‘We will trample them underfoot, Allah willing.’ 

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  1. You know, if a cockroach, a sewer rat and a muzzie asked me to house them, and I had to take in two, I’d give the cockroach permanent residence, and the sewer rat conditional asylum. I’d invite the muzzie for an interview, feed him pork, and then ask the cockroach and the rat to throw him out.

  2. The only good things about this proposal is that it underlines the sheer stupidity of those promoting it and that those stupid enough to undertake this folly will learn a harsh lesson if they live through it.

  3. I would burn it first. Be for I let one of those filthy goat fucking rag heads in my garage let alone my home. What wrong with you people kill those bastards don’t put them up Crist sakes.

  4. When rodents or bed bugs get in to your house you exterminate them, Muslims are a infestation. They breed 8:1, now that is not sustainable to any other race on earth. To have a government to ask you to bring this into your home is ludicrous. This infestation should ALL be sent back to the hell hole from which they come. I believe in refugees should be made well come but not when they hate the country that’s being the host they call the infidel.

  5. ‘A peer called on the Government to show “more humanity and intelligence” to child refugees in Calais’ notorious ‘Jungle’ camp. Labour’s Lord Dubs requested Theresa May’s “urgent intervention” in reuniting children living in the camp with their families in the UK.’

    Ruthless Western leaders and highly paid cruel politicians are radically OPPOSED to showing humanity to British and European women and children whose sufferings are beyond bearing.

    For decades, our evil leaders have ALLOWED the Muslims they colonised our nations with to Wage Violent Rape Jihad on a WAR TIME SCALE on our terrorised, white European Christian women and children.

    On Judgement Day, our leaders will face the WRATH of an ANGRY God for their terrible crimes.

    Bible, Romans 12:19 VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY, says the Lord.

  6. The EU, France’s Sarkozy and Hollande and the Swedish government have a MORAL OBLIGATION to their people to explain that during the time they share their home with the Soldier Followers of Barbaric Mass Murderer, Serial Rapist and Huge Sex Slaver of non-Muslims, Warlord Mohammed, it is absolutely vital that they

    REMOVE all their little boys and girls and teenagers from their homes and have them live with relatives, and that

    Adult women who share their homes with the Soldiers of Mohammed’s army must expect to be attacked, molested and raped — it’s taught in the Quran.

    Gang rapes and sex slavery is a huge part of Islam and has been since its inception 1,400 Blood Soaked years ago.

    I accuse British leaders of Crimes Against Humanity for colonising Britain with Muslims who are commanded by the Quran and all Islamic teaching to rape and sexually enslave non-Muslim girls.
    Islam’s Sex Slaves in Britain 15 Jul, 2013 By Michael Copeland

    The Koran authorises sex slaves. Sheikh Saad al-Buraik: Their women are yours to take, legitimately. God made them yours. Why don’t you enslave their women?

    A female Kuwaiti politician, Salwa al-Mutairi, in 2011 publicly advocated the taking of sex slaves in conflict zones like Chechnya.

    In Colorado in 2006 a Saudi national was found guilty of keeping a woman as a slave housekeeper for four years while repeatedly raping her.

    He argued that the United States was attacking Islamic customs such as not paying your slave and controlling her life:

    “We are Muslim”, he complained, “We are different. The state has criminalized these basic Muslim behaviors”.

    One of the girls in the Oxford case, aged 12, was branded ‘M’ with hot metal to show that she was property of her attacker, Mohammed.

    Some are sold on to new owners; some are rented out, generating a good income.

    Beaten and threatened, they are intimidated into silence.

    Some, like Charlene Downes, 14, ‘disappear’, presumed murdered. Sharia authorises slave-killing.

  7. Quote: “If things work out, the migrant will remain in the person’s home for a minimum of two weeks, and for up to nine months.”
    Nine months… that’s pretty specific. Exactly how long they need to make sure you cannot kick out an “innocent muslim family with a newborn infant”.

  8. How stupid do they think we are??? Imagine allowing haters of your way of life into your house. absolutely crazy

  9. HELL NO! People of France, think of your children first. Keep them safe. There has been more than a few instances of Europeans helping out a “friendly” migrant that they liked, who ended up raping, stabbing them in the back.

  10. “ensuring that the people who do arrive here have enough of an opportunity to start a new life.”
    Idiot, the ONLY “opportunity ” the filthy, evil muzslime are looking for is weakness, so they can fully exploit it. These leaders are not really that stupid there is something a lot bigger than they are willing to admit. I can only guess that every damned one of them is dead set on total destruction of western civilization so that THEY can usher in their totally evil global utopia. Some really sick bastards and basterdets in high government positions all around the world right now. Sumpin BIG. Goin down ……

  11. You invite a Muslim family into the privacy of your home. The Muslim family will consist of a father, mother and four children. You feed them, care for them, take them shopping, accommodate their needs. You would also help the Muslim family to claim welfare benefits and what they are entitled to. Initially, the Muslims will accept your generosity, praise you for your kindness, and extol you as a person. Eventually, they will start to make demands like men and women sit separately, no pork, alcohol, and listening to western Muslim and watching TV. The Muslim family will also demand that they have to pray five times a day and that you will have to respect their needs and demands. They will quietly complain that your daughter’s dressing style is offensive to them and that western living does not fit into their religion and culture. During Ramadan, the Muslim family will demand that no one would be allowed to eat during their fasting day, watching western television, playing the radio et cetera. Eventually, the Muslim family will demand that their hosts make fundamental changes in their lifestyle and by that the time this happens, say a year or two, legislation will be in place that you will not be able to evict them. Before you know it, the Muslim family will help you to pack your belongings and help you move out into the streets where you become homeless!!

  12. Muslims prefer welfare states …. where firearms are strictly prohibited …. and the women hardly wear chastity belts (kind of a steering wheel lock on a Volvo) …. they are smarter than they look …. and we are dumber than we think ?

    • If you know your enemy and you know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself you will succumb in every battle.
      Sun Tzu The Art of War

      • lady, I love that Sun Tzu quote, I have written it many times and I put it in my book. It holds such powerful truth in one succinct phrase. The ONLY problem with it is, so few actually know either. I redeclare a verse in the bible often… “You are to love good and hate evil”
        Again so few know the difference…. I appreciate your comments here, I am very grateful for all the warrior women on BNI.

    • The governments of Europe are made up of murderers who wish to kill their own citizens for ……….what? for the Liberal ideology? I do not understand why the citizens do not go after their rulers with………. I leave it up to you to put in what I cannot because I need to “moderate” my comment.

  13. Double standards here:
    I bet none (apart from the absolute foolish) of the officials who are begging innocent citizens to host complete strangers – Strangers being of a hostile and ungrateful nature – Would NOT themselves subject their innocent daughters and family to these free loading thieving etc people (due to their taught & bought up beliefs) – into their homes.
    Our western culture owe them next to nothing.
    Our UN etc are being bribed by these scheming people.
    We common Western people are the victims – not them.

  14. A couple of things came to mind as I was reading…

    1) these savages are NOT fleeing anywhere…they are being DEPLOYED to Europe.
    2) that’s a lot of G-D nerve to ask the citizens to take the savages into their homes! If the politicians are so concerned about where these demons can live… open up your own G-D homes and let ’em in!
    3) anyone with a half a brain (unless they are liberals then they don’t have either half functioning) knows letting these uncivilized sub-humans move into your home they would NOT move out of your house in 2 weeks or 9 months. And IF your home didn’t get condemned after these things moved out…you wouldn’t have a home and your government wouldn’t give a s*it!

  15. Put your family first. Say no to mus slum monsters and demons living in your homes. They will be like roaches or bed bugs and you will not be able to get rid of them.

  16. Look a how Lebanon was took , the rich muslims nations wouldn’t help the Muslim refugees at that time either ,but then came in and helped them kill most of the christians after a war broke out . Only this time the war will last forever because the muslims won’t stop until all christians are dead and the Liberals won’t let us kill all of the Muslims

  17. Never, ever, ever, would I allow one of these arrogant, intolerant assholes live in my house. I don’t even want them in my block, my city, but there is very little I can do about that except protest and take the insults from the Liberals for being a ‘racist”, “Islamophobe”, “xenophobe”…
    Fuck, I hate this world right now! The damned Liberals with a capital (L) are fucking everything up and we cannot seem to vote them out of power.

    • Luckily, the name calling is being deluded by the commie-liberals, which is a good thing. And I totally understand the frustration of seeing what is going on…because it’s only a matter of time before those “leaders” will be asking the same of us.