[UPDATED] MULTIPLE BOMB EXPLOSIONS hit Southern Thailand resort area, not far from large Islamic insurgency

Two coordinated explosions hit the Hua Hin area of Thailand killing at least one four and injuring 23 more, including several foreign tourists. A few hours later, more bombs exploded on the island of Phuket and other areas. Police were quick to say they don’t suspect international terrorism. (Probably because there are so many Muslim terrorists/insurgents living in Southern Thailand already)


The below tweet is a total lie. Muslim separatists have been staging terrorist attacks in southern Thailand for a long time which have everything to do with religion. Check out the links HERE

UPDATE 1 So far there have been 11 blasts in 24 hours, extending from the southern town of Trang right up to Hua Hin, the genteel seaside town which is home to the revered royal family’s summer palace. In the deep south, a Muslim insurgency has raged for decades, where bombs targeting ordinary people are tragically common.  Thai police have said the bombings were acts of “local sabotage” and not the work of either international terrorists or the southern insurgents. However, they have been criticized in the past for hasty denials. Police have similarly refused to call the August 2015 bombing at a Bangkok shrine, which killed 20 people, a terrorist attack…even though they arrested two Muslim Uygurs from China for the attack.

UK Mirror  At least four more blasts have hit Thailand including Trang and Surat Thani just hours after two bombs killed one person and wounded 23 in the popular tourist destination.

At least three people were wounded in twin explosions, which happened at around 9am local time (2am GMT) near a clock tower in the seaside resort of Hua Hin, south of Bangkok.


Two more small bombs also exploded on the island of Phuket. The first bomb exploded near a police box, wounding one Thai man, a police officer in Phuket said. The second exploded 300 metres away and nobody was hurt, he said.


The latest blasts came after two bombs exploded in Hua Hin, killing one woman and injuring 23 people, including two British women. At least seven foreigners – believed to include Western tourists and the Brits – are among those receiving medical treatment.


Two motorbikes are believed to have been involved in the blasts – which have left some of those injured in critical condition in a market area of the resort.


The bombs are believed to have been hidden in plant pots and detonated by mobile phone. Fragments of a phone apparently used in the detonation have been pictured on social media.


CNN  Further south, at least one person, a female municipal worker, was killed and four injured Friday after two blasts went off in in Surat Thani city, in the southern Thailand’s Surat Thani Province, according to Chavalit Chanmornoi, a local police captain. The explosions occured about about 650 feet (200 meters) from each other, and were around 30 minutes apart, Chanmornoi said.


No one has claimed responsibility for the blasts — and it’s not clear if they’re connected. The series of blasts come days before the one year anniversary of the Erawan Shrine bombing, which killed 20 people.

Pictures have emerged on social media of injured people being treated in a local hospital, including what appear to be Western tourists.


The BBC’s Jonathan Head tweeted: “Police in Hua Hin say 2 motorbike bombs injured 11 ppl, some seriously, some foreigners. 1 bomb followed by 2nd; similar to south insurgents.”

Thai police Thai police said they believe the blasts were acts of local sabotage and were not linked to any international militant group. Thailand has been rocked by Islamiic terrorist strikes in recent years, linked in part to a Muslim insurgency in the south of the country.


On 17 August 2015, a bombing took place inside the Erawan Shrine in Bangkokkilling 20 people and injuring 125. In 2012 Southern Thailand was rocked by a series of bombings that took place in Yala, Yala Province and Hat Yai, Songkhla Province. They were linked to Islamic separatists.

Eye Witness Report about initial explosions: