BREAKING! (Islamic?) TERROR ON SWISS TRAIN as several passengers attacked by (Muslim?) man with knife and fire, leaving carriage covered in blood

At least seven passengers (including one child) were left seriously injured from burns and knife wounds after the 27-year-old (Muslim?) man launched the assault.

UPDATE! It is obvious that the attacker is a Muslim because Swiss authorities refuse to release the name.

Perhaps it's all those pesky Swiss flag red crosses on the train that upset the attacker?
Perhaps it’s all those pesky Swiss flag crosses on the train that upset the attacker?

UK Mirror  Swiss police and special forces have sealed off the train and the interior minister is believed to be holding a special meeting on “how to deal with incident.” (Do they mean how to cover up the possibIlity that this was yet another Muslim terror attack? Just sayin’)

Swiss train passengers have reported been attacked by a man with ‘fire and a knife’ sparking fears of new terror attack. At least seven passengers were left seriously – suffering from burns and knife wounds. after the 27-year-old man launched the assault. The incident took place in St Gallen in norther eastern Switzerland.

The attack occurred at 2.20pm Swiss time on a train travelling between Buchs and Sennwald in the canton of St Gallen. The 27-year-old suspect is believed to have set the train carriage alight with a flammable liquid near Salez-Sennwald Train Station.

The carriage was reportedly left covered in blood following the attack, as the badly injured were treated at the scene. Details surrounding the incident took place are currently unclear, but it comes after Europe has been rocked by a series of ISLAMIC terrorist attacks over the past 12 months.

France, Germany and Belgium have all been targeted, and other European nations have been bracing for MUSLIM assaults on their soil.


UPDATE 1: According to Radio FM1, the perpetrator spilled the flammable liquid on a female passenger and then set it on fire. Police have opened a criminal investigation into the case and are looking into possible motives for the attack.

“A crime of passion” is one of the possibilities the Swiss police is currently investigating, Reuters reports. The outlet adds that, according to the police spokesperson, “a terrorism background still seems very, very far-fetched.”