ITALY: Muslim invasion crises worsens as more than 25,000 illegal alien African Muslims have arrived in July alone

rtx1gj8je1436197887697-viThe huge influx makes a 12 percent increase on the same period last year, according to European Union border agency Frontex. Most who made the trip across the Mediterranean Sea, often in flimsy dinghies, were Nigerians and Eritreans, none of whom are from war-torn countries. (What, no Syrians?)

Lampedusa migration

UK Express  With migrants now facing tougher measures in Greece, many have changed tack this year and used Italy as an entry point into Europe. Subsequently, just 1,800 migrants attempted to illegally cross Greece’s borders last month, down 97 per cent from July 2015.

However, this change is placing an increasing strain on Italy – especially it’s southern islands of Sicily and Sardinia.


More than 140,000 migrants are now housed in Italian shelters, a seven-fold increase on 2013, with the migrant now crisis in its third year.

David Miliband, a former British foreign minister who now heads the International Rescue Committee, added: “This is not a blip. “The forces that are driving more and more people from their homes – weak states, big tumults within the Islamic world, a divided international system. None of these things are likely to abate soon.”


With Muslim migrants blocked from travelling further north into central Europe, Italian officials are now concerned about a growing bottleneck in its northern border towns.

With a growing number now gathering at the town of Ventimiglia, a town by the French border, the interior minister Angelino Alfano vowed to avoid a similar situation to Calais.


He said: “There will be no leniency towards those who exploit the migrant crisis. “Ventimiglia will not be our Calais.” In its report on the growing crisis in Italy, Frontex also warned the manner in which migrants were making it across the sea was getting increasingly dangerous. 

New Observer  Intelligence sources quoted by the media in Austria have confirmed that the government is now bracing for a renewed invasion over the “Alpine route.”


According to a report in Austria’s Kronen Zeitung newspaper, the threat of over 10,000 Africans invading Italy per week—and then moving up into Austria and Germany—has triggered an “alarm” amongst Austrian authorities. As a result, the Austrian government has already started placing troops at the Brenner Pass with Italy.

“The weather in the Mediterranean is now good, and a very large number of boats have been spotted leaving the North African coast for Italy,” the Kronen Zeitung quoted a military intelligence source as saying.


The European Union’s border protection service, Frontex, and its allied NATO patrol vessels are still barred from intercepting the boats and turning them back—as would be the case under any normal political setup.

Instead, they are limited to merely reporting the presence of the boats and can only intervene if the vessels start sinking. Then the invaders are rescued, taken on board, and ferried the rest of their way to Europe in comfort.


“In any event, none of these people are war refugees,” the military source told the Kronen Zeitung.

The newspaper also revealed that a current graphic from the EU’s “crisis committee” had been leaked which contained a breakdown of the nationalities of those invaders coming over the Mediterranean. Most of them come from Nigeria (18 percent), Gambia (15 percent), Senegal (10 percent), Mali (9 percent), Guinea and the Ivory Coast (8 percent), and 5 percent from Morocco.


The Kronen Zeitung pointed out that none of these invaders could in any sense be classed as “war refugees,” and that Morocco was in fact a holiday destination every year for “thousands of Austrians.”

This fact alone proved that the Moroccans coming over the Mediterranean are simply invaders seeking to parasite off Europeans.