Gee, if the 11 bombing attacks in Thailand were unrelated to Islamic terrorism as Thai officials keep insisting, why are they asking Malaysian police to help trace a mobile phone linked to the Thai bombings?

Thai security forces have asked for (Islamic) Malaysia’s help to look into the owner of a phone that may have been used in one of several bombings that struck Thailand over Thursday and Friday, Bernama news agency reported on Sunday.


A spate of 11 terror blasts rocked Thailand overnight last Thursday and Friday killing four and injuring dozens, including foreigners. The bombings – caused by homemade devices – went off south of Bangkok and several hit the tourism industry. Police said they were investigating all leads but had ruled out links to international terrorism.

Royal Thai Police Colonel Krisana Patanacharoen said the bombings followed “a similar pattern used in the southern parts of the country” – a reference to an insurgency in the Islamic south that has killed more than 5,000 people. Southern Islamic militants fighting for greater autonomy have carried out sophisticated, co-ordinated attacks before.


Xinhuanet  The investigation linked to Malaysia because investigators found part of mobile phone, which was used to detonate one of the bombs in Phuket, showed visible serial number of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.

Bernama quoted a Malaysian security source as saying that Thai investigators have asked Malaysia’s help to identify the origin of the headphone.


Mobile phones were used to detonate home-made bombs in a series of blasts that hit several places in Thailand, including Phuket and Hua Hin. Four people were killed in the blasts while more than 30 were injured.

According to the source, tracing the phone is not easy since the device may have changed hands several times.

The connection underscores the importance and necessity of cooperation between Southeast Asian countries in intelligence gathering and sharing, though no terrorism connections have been found in Thailand bombings.



[UPDATED] MULTIPLE BOMB EXPLOSIONS hit Southern Thailand resort area, not far from large Islamic insurgency