ONE MORE REASON never to allow a Muslim doctor to touch you

Designated terrorist group CAIR intervened on behalf of a female Muslim medical student and got her exempted from standard doctor/patient role play scenarios that all other medical students are required to perform.


CAIR  The medical student faced the prospect of dismissal if she did not agree to remove her Islamic headbag and strip down to a sports bra, tank top and gym shorts during classroom doctor/patient role play scenarios. She ultimately sought assistance from Muslim Brotherhood advocacy group CAIR-GA, which contacted the leadership of the college to seek a special exemption for her.

“Although CAIR-GA understands that medical students must fully engage in the educational process, there must be a way for Muslim female students to do so without stripping down to a sports bra and gym shorts in view of their male classmates,” CAIR-GA said.

Under threat of lawsuits from CAIR, the medical school then reversed course, agreeing that the student could engage in role play scenarios with other female students in a secluded area of her classroom, exposing only those areas of her body necessary for examination. (So what happens when she has to examine a male patient?)

CAIR did not name the medical school which caved to its demands.

It is your right to refuse treatment from any Muslim doctor or nurse in a hospital or clinic. Use it.

JUST SAY NO! If you have insurance (not Obamacare), you can refuse to be treated by a Muslim doctor or nurse in a hospital