FRANCE: Rabbi stabbed by Muslim terrorist shouting “Allahu Akbar” in Strasbourg

The Rabbi reportedly is in fair condition in the hospital. The 62-year-old victim, who is described as belonging to the orthodox Hasidic sect, was stabbed in the abdomen in the attack in the Jewish Quarter, 500 meters from the Great Synagogue of Strasbourg.


UK Express  The MUSLIM attacker, who is understood to have been arrested, shouted the Islamic phrase meaning ‘Our God is greater’ during the attack, according to reports in French media.

Named locally as Chalom Levy, he took refuge in a nearby bar before being taken to hospital. Mendel Samama, a Strasbourg rabbi who visited him at the hospital, said Mr Levy described surviving the attack as a “miracle”. He was hit in the abdominal region a few centimetres from a vital organ.”

(Oh, here we go!) Initial reports said the MUSLIM perpetrator was suffering from psychological problems and was known to the authorities for carrying out a similar attack in 2010.

(“Psychological problems,” the PC media’s new favorite pseudonym for Muslim terrorist. Don’t forget the flowers and teddy bears)