MUSLIMS trying to force women’s basketball federation, FIBA, to lift ban on Islamic supremacist headgear

hijab-basketball-e1410980564943The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has a ban on all headgear, including the hijab, forcing many Muslim women to opt out of the games. Their reason? The headbag/hijab “could cause injury to other players.”

Stepfeed  However, following a petition in 2014, FIBA approved a two year provisional period, allowing athletes to compete in religious headwear at the national level only. Although the ban, which may be lifted following a multi-year process, has been in place for many years, it is being challenged once again with petitions.


FIBA will deliberate whether to lift the ban or make it permanent by the end of August. Meanwhile, #LetThemPlay and #FIBAAllowHijab swing into full gear. 

FIBA has a generic policy banning headgear that exceeds 5 centimeters in width, taking no exception to religious headwear into consideration including turbans and hijabs.


“Little did I know that my hijab, the same thing that made me accomplish things that I’ve accomplished so far, like meeting the MUSLIM president of the United States, was the same hijab that was going to prevent me from reaching my dream,” said Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir to The Independent.

Designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) also put out a petition demanding the ban to be lifted.