So-called Muslim ‘victim’ of a beating blames it on “Islamophobia” and “Donald Trump” but fails to mention that he was sexually molesting the fiancée of an MMA fighter when he was attacked by him

maxresdefault-5-e1469171906961A Mixed Martial Arts fighter in Brooklyn is facing charges for beating up two Muslim thugs near a mosque because he was defending his screaming fiancée who was being sexually assaulted by the Muslims in the street.

DNA (h/t JD)  Christopher Vallaro, 31, was arraigned Thursday morning on assault charges after attacking a 16- and 17-year-old outside the Madine Muslim Community Center on Sunday, July 3rd. Vallaro’s attorney, Sal Strazzullo, said the teens “were putting their hands into the car, accosting his  fiancée sexually” while Vallaro had gone into his home nearby. When he came out, he heard his girlfriend screaming for help, the attorney said.

Police refuse to call this a hate crime for obvious reasons. According to the criminal complaint, Vallaro punched the teen in the face and head multiple times before slamming the victim onto the sidewalk, and kicking and stomping on his head.

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Watch one of the Syrian Muslim molesters and his brother lie about the attack: