BIZARRE! 20-year-old Muslim who allegedly never flew a plane before, steals a plane and crashes it in Ontario, Canada


Was he trying to pull off a terrorist attack? Afzal Chaudhary, the father of ‘pilot’ Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary, said his son had “mental health” issues but never spoke about wanting to hurt anyone.  “He’s a nice kid. He was born here in Canada.” “I blame everybody. I blame this police too,” said the father.

Global News  (h/t Susan K) The RCMP is now leading the investigation into a stolen plane that mysteriously crashed in Peterborough, Ont. last week and multiple sources confirmed it was being treated as a potential “national security issue.”


Twenty-year-old Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary of Markham, Ont., was killed after the small Piper Tomahawk aircraft he allegedly stole from the Markham Airport crash landed just before 1:30 a.m. Friday near the Landsdowne Place mall in Peterborough’s south end about 140 kilometres east of Toronto.

Afzal Chaudhary, father
Afzal Chaudhary, father

A source close to the investigation told Global News something was found in the wreckage that concerned police, while the owners of the stolen Piper Tomahawk said their plane was full of fuel and was capable of flying up to five hours. 


His father, Afzal Chaudhary, says his son lived with schizophrenia and is shocked he was able to steal and fly the plane without a “single minute” of flight training. Mohammad has a criminal history. He was charged in connection with an alleged armed robbery at a gas station with a pellet gun in September 2015.

Chaudhary said at first he was not sure how his son was able to get to the airport and allegedly steal a plane undetected, adding that Mohammad didn’t have a driver’s licence or permission to use the family car. “I think he went on the bicycle,” Chaudhary said. 

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