POOR ITALY: On top of thousands of Muslim invaders flooding the country everyday, now Italy’s beaches are plagued with burqini-clad Muslim female freaks

4730360572_1cb1e99e49MUSLIM tourists horrified over France’s ‘burqini bans’ have started shunning the country’s beach towns and are holidaying in Italy instead. UH OH…Italy better prepare for a drop in tourist trade from normal people who are horrified at the thought of visiting a beach with so much ‘visual’ pollution.

UK Express  More than 20 French resort towns have now banned the Islamic burqini, a full-length body bag for Muslim women over safety fears and women’s rights concerns.


Nice, site of the horrifying Bastille Day truck attack, is the latest and largest town to ban the garment, which hides a woman’s body from potential Muslim rapists and makes her more susceptible to drowning from the heavy garments. 


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the Islamic beachwear “represents an archaic vision of a woman’s position in society” and is “not compatible with French values”.


Now Muslims are boycotting towns that have outlawed the burkini and choosing to mar the scenery at Italian beaches instead. 


One Muslim tourist at the beach in Alassio, just 50km from the French border, said: “For us it has become almost impossible to go to the beach, so we decided to come to Italy to spend a day at the beach.”


She added she had “also read that Alassio had just hosted an Arab princess”, referring to Nouf Nint Abdullah al Saud’s recent three week stay at the Grand Hotel. 


Gianni Botto said: “With the prohibitions imposed in France, Muslims who want to go to the beach covered must migrate to neighbouring countries.