WYOMING group plans anti-Islam rally and quran burning. Leftist mayor very upset.

images1-vi3According to the group’s website, members of Americans For A Secure Wyoming are calling to “ban Islam from Wyoming,” though the group does not explain how that could be enforced.

Wyoming Public Media  Last year, members of a different online group Stop Islam In Gillette protested the opening of Gillette’s first mosque. Gillette mayor and Muslim apologist, Louise Carter-King, said the protests do not reflect positively on what she describes as a welcoming community.


“It’s just unfortunate because it does kind of make it look like there’s quite a movement up here, and there really isn’t,” she said. (That’s what you think)

Carter-King issued a statement condemning anti-Muslim sentiment in regards to last year’s protest, and condemned it again in light of this Quran burning. “They’re just hate filled, and it’s just sad that that’s what they want to do with their time,” she said. “It’s too bad they don’t put their efforts to something positive for the community.” (Keeping out Muslims IS something positive)


Carter-King said she hopes this rally turns out like previous protests, where counter-protesters came out to voice their support for Gillette’s Muslim citizens.  

Burning a Quran may be viewed as hateful, but Linda Burt, the former executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Wyoming, said as long as the group is not encouraging violence or illegal acts, offensive speech is still protected under the First Amendment.

Previous burnings of Qurans in the U.S. have prompted protests at home and abroad.


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  1. Please let the Muslims retaliate in Wyoming. I’m a native.(BTW- How did she get to be mayor)? There will be a violent response by Wyoming residents if the Muslims threaten. Wyoming people are as advertised under those circumstances.

  2. Back up, folks… Who are the fools that elected this mayor? Obviously the problem already existed, and is now being exploited by the new guys. The solution starts at the root of the problem…

  3. Me and my wife are the ones putting on this rally, it started as a just a protest against Syrian refugees, then a mosque in our town opened, and my ten-year-old daughter was riding her bike to school and some Muslim men tried to get her to come over to the mosque, then a teacher at school over heard my daughter say she would throw bacon at them if they came close to her, the school then called the sheriff’s department on my ten-year-old daughter and they were sent to our home! I am a electrician at a coal mine for 12 years now and have an associate’s degree in applied science and am a good family man.Thank you for all the support on this page.

    • Too late now, but it is not a good idea to identify yourself in public that way. CAIR and their allies will likely apply pressure to try to get your employment terminated. The less personal information you reveal, the fewer hooks they have to latch onto in an attempt to destroy you.

      Now is the time to learn all you can about Islam and be ready to answer smears with facts.

    • Jon good to hear from you ! my stomping ground is Montana mostly but will bend over to your country . Hang around on here ! we here at BNI are not raciest try not to swear too much ! we have one target Islam and keeping it away from our Constitution and ultimately running all lovers of that cult out of our territory a big end-ever but worthy for our children

    • Dear Jon, My concern is for your beautiful 10 year old daughters safety!! I am the mother of 3, now grown, daughters. If this would have happened to one of my girls, I would have been a raving lunatic !!!! I spent time in your state when I was very young, I can not imagine such trash being dumped up there!! Must be Obama’s way of destroying a part of the nation where the only worry was drunk cowboys on Sat. night!!!
      God bless you and your family!! Keep up the brave fight!! You give me hope for this nation and it’s people!! Take care, and keep your children close!!

  4. The silly Moe doesn’t know the difference between hating a religion and hating people!
    And that’s just the hate in théir harts for Americans that is coming out!

  5. the whole country needs to de-classify izslime as a religion and call it what it is: a nazi ideology 1000 fold…..good for Wyoming!!

    and may that lefty mayor rot in halal sharia hell by HIMSELF

  6. No doubt authorities will find a way to make the burning of Qur’ans illegal. But the burning of the American flag is considered free speech.

  7. Leftist mayor is upset???? Too bad!!!! Then step down as a mayor and put a mayor who knows very well about the evilness of Islam. I am very glad that there will be an anti-Islamic rally and a rally to burn the evil book known as the quran.

    • To hell with the mayor from hell!!! Time is right, to throw the bum out, and elect a good old God fearing, Quran hating, cowboy, or cowgirl, who will tell the savages to go back to the hell they came from…Elect someone who cares about the citizens of the town, and the safety of their kids, than a death cult!!! Throw the Bum OUT!!

    • She may well be a dhimmi, if not a stealth Muslim, but if you’re a Christian or an American patriot you’d say that despite her inanity you’d protect her children, with force if necessary.

      We don’t stoop to the levels of Islamic savages nor do we wish harm on others. But we do warn them of the consequences of their acquiescence to a violent religion.

  8. I think the people injured by any Muslim that was “under watch” should sue the government for ot t keeping them safe.

    I’m sick of hearing the powers that be come out with comments like that! If you thought he was a problem, throw them and their families out!! Anybody who goes to a Muslim country right now should NOT be allowed in!! Damn, we stopped people from going to Cuba and they were not trying to kill us off!!!!

    Je suis Charlie Martel!

  9. Gillette is about 450 miles out it use to be a two dog town both of them hanging around on main street waiting for a pickup to chase , that all changed with the oil and gas boom it brought in some unsavory characters including muslims , whiskey has been replaced with meth ! my inclination is to set this one out wait and see , these small towns are sensitive to strangers from out of state ! unfortunately most of them are uneducated and will side with who they see as the underdog muslims . Frank is a Patriot his aim is good his target should be the state capitol there lies the main nest of appeasers , this koran burning will be the fuse once lit it will blow open the main event we here will join with them at their capitol and hopefully they will return the favor

  10. I unfortunately was under the impression that Wyoming would have been one state to have resisted the Muslim invasion. To learn there are people there who actually stick up for the scum is disturbing. The Western states always seemed to be very independent. I wonder how South Dakota (where I lived for a few years) is doing. It was a fine sight to see mostly all pickups having a gun rack fully displaying a very visible shotgun.

  11. And a little MAYOR will lead them. Interesting that a hyphenated-American Mayor is the genius behind this Islamization of a city, county or state, in Wyoming. Good luck with the Koran Burning, & I feel an urge to burn one myself.
    Please Invite the Hyphenated Mayor, perhaps she,he or it, will learn something.

    • The mayor is for them because Kahn is a big contributor to her and this supposed rep governor who is a rino! He also receives contributions from Kahn! They all forget the law past in the 50s that says no Muslims on American soil! Obamas plan is that we will be out numbered by illegals and Moslems and he will confiscate our guns and there will be anothe holocoast but this time it will be Americans, Christians and Jews! Obama hates all three!🙈🙉🙊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. I’m surprised and gratified that the ex-ACLU person, Linda Burt recognizes that it’s free speech. Pity she’s no longer in charge of her local chapter.

  13. Of course you can burn devil’s book,its
    okay to burn the US flag for some reason.
    What are the muslims doing there in
    Gillette anyway? That spot picked out
    for them by spawn of satan obama?
    They don’t belong anywhere in America.
    Candyass mayor and ignorant people
    will watch their craft brewery building
    and meadery burn to the ground after
    they find out too late their welcome
    wagon recipients forbid alcohol.
    Doesn’t say how many islams there are,
    but keep after them, don’t let them
    have their mosque.God bless.

  14. The Mudslime are real anal about their huly buuk! Lots of things could be done to it. I would love a group like that in my state. Good job, WY!

  15. The Muslims are going to kill you anyways, so just burnt that damn Koran. Declare polymagy evil and all forms of sharia law as treason with sentence of the death penalty.
    You are dealing with evil savage dogs with rabies who know nothing else

    • Mar Star is right, we might as well stand up now from a sitting position, because later, we will have to climb up from the ground.
      Muslims are here at our own Governments’ request, they are entitled to steal, lie & even kill you, & your death will not even require a mention. This is the NWO that Bush,Clinton & BO promised us.

  16. Time to vote the butthurt msyor out of office .we already got enough pansie ass politicians in office. Me dont get it Wyoming is one of the few states you can nuy s fifth of whisky and a 44magum in the same place but have weak added elected officials

  17. Hehe good for them. Dont know what the lefties are complaining about its not as if theyre chopping off heads, raping, bombing and insisting women walk around looking like spooks like a certain feral group of inbreds

  18. “They’re just hate filled …. ” Is it the Quran she is talking about in the plural?
    Or is it the Quran followers – for her comments are easy to apply to muslims.

  19. This is excellent news and a great leap forward. Wyoming is a state of natural beauty and the actions of her people show that it has a moral beauty as well.
    Shameful pisslamic savages are constantly vandalizing other cultures holy relics and sites. Burning nations of flags that allow muslimes into their lands…..This is poetic justice,,,,,viva Wyoming!!!!

  20. Rejection, revulsion & hatred based on factual knowledge of Islam is not bigotry, it’s common sense.

    Download Aisha Bewley’s translation of Tafsir al-Jalalayn from archive.org/ and read it. That is the Unholy Koranus with expert exegesis.

    Return and download “The Book Of Jihad” and read the TOC. If that does not piss you off, make sure yer still alive.

    Once you read those two books, you will be fully qualified to curse Islam and burn the Unholy Koranus.

  21. If you get on the net, there are free Qurans out there. It makes great TP for your next camping trip. Not camping, then throw it into the urinal at the next sporting event. Maybe Muslims will get the idea to go back to the Hell Hole they came from.

  22. “They’re just hate filled, and it’s just sad ”
    Here is what is “SAD”, ignorance of izslime is what is sad, ignorance of the unmitigated HATE and EVIL OF IZSLIME IS WHAT IS SAD. Ignorance of what the damnable muzslime have planned for the total destruction of America, is “sad” actually none of it is sad it is actually maddening. Here is one more STUPID damned IGNORANT, city official that wants to DESTROY Ameica, one city at a time. Damn the ignorance!!!!!

  23. “It’s too bad they don’t put their efforts to something positive for the community.” (Keeping out Muslims IS something positive) —— awesome BNI … yes so so positive when muslims are not around …… thank you BNI ….
    if BNI government rules non muslim countries …. then the world will feel great …. 🙂

    • hahaaha …… one year all muizee out ……
      may be america dont need …. but europe is helpless … really need ur govt in europe …
      sometimes i get hopeless to see this beautiful europe gets destroyed …… europe really needs a miracle ….

      • My heart bleeds for Europe now!! I was there years ago, and it was a real beautiful friendly place. Culture, music, and the food!! Now, you could not pay me enough to go there. So sad. The first thing you MUST do is throw the political nuts out of office. Elect right wing, national interest only leaders. Don’t waste your time on left-PC idiots that have ruined your countries. Time to clean house!!! God Bless and protect the good folks in Europe!!

  24. Awesome video, warms my heart to see that evil book burn & on a grill !!!! I hope some pork chops were cooked on that grill before (or with)