CZECH REPUBLIC: Gotta love the anti-Islam, counterjihad activists there!

Apparently, not everybody there loves them as they could be facing five years in prison for mocking the religion of hate.


The Rebel  On August 21, the anniversary of the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 by the Warsaw Pact, a group of counter-jihadis pulled a stunt in downtown Prague, acting out a fake Muslim “invasion,” complete with jeeps, people with obviously fake beards and even a live camel. Some media grossly distorted the facts, claiming it caused panic and injuries. (It did not)

In the video below, the narrator uses the term “Sunshiners,” a popular term across Europe for the multicultural, “no border” Leftist types with a rosy view of Islam and a goal of unfettered immigration. 

One person who objected to the stunt chants “XENOPHOBE” at the end of the next video. This means they knew it was a stunt and not a real Islamic State invasion. So no cause for panic. Yet you wouldn’t know it by some of the media coverage:

The Express.UK reports:


An anti-immigration movement’s members staged a fake ISIS attack in the middle of Prague over the weekend.  Panic erupted in the middle of the European capital as the group entered the city’s centre equipped with an ISIS flag, camouflage clothing and guns – all while shouting “Allahu Akbar”. 

They said tourists thought it was a real terrorist attack and fled fearing for their lives. Several foreign tourists were injured in the melee when they mistook the blank gunshots for genuine bullets and panicked.

As you can see from the videos, the tourists clearly knew it was a stunt, did not panic, and there were no injuries. Police admitted they had approved the planned demonstration in the Czech capital. 

Thanks to Vlad Tepesblog for translations