TEXAS: Mosque in Watauga claims it received a “threatening” call from an alleged Army veteran but city officials say there is no specific threat

What I want to know is why does nonsense like this become a big story on the local TV News? Do we ever hear the media reporting on alleged threats made against churches or synagogues? 


WFAA  News 8 obtained a copy of the voicemail left from the man, who calls himself an Army veteran.

[Expletive] Mohammad. [Expletive] Islam,” he says in the recording. “This is America. If you don’t like the way we do [expletive] get the [expletive] out.

“Because let me tell you something. People like me and my other military brothers are [expletive] heavily armed to the teeth.”

The angry voicemail contained more than a dozen profanities. The caller continued to threaten the Masjid Center’s community. “I’m a Christian and let me tell you, I’m your [expletive] enemy,” he says. “I hate you and you will never be a [expletive] friend. We will cut all of your heads off. Do you understand me? All of you.

This is a transcribed voicemail message left on a machine at a DFW-area mosque. The city’s spokesperson acknowledges “religious intolerance”– but goes on to say there is “no specific threat. (So why is this on the news?)