Islamic baggy burqinis are welcome in Muslim-infested Minnesotastan

c55d3d-20160824-somali-swim07The international controversy surrounding the burqini bodybag – the long, loose, figure-hiding swimwear that misogynistic Muslim men force Muslim girls and women to wear, which is now banned by several cities in France – has been unsettling for Muslim migrant females in Minnesota who don’t mind being treated like chattel by men.


MPR News  (Ignoring the reality that Muslim women wearing long baggy swimwear pollutes swimming pools with dangerous excess bacteria) From the pool in Coon Rapids, Hussain, executive director of a new group called Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment, sees such actions as counterproductive in the fight against Islamic extremism.


“I feel like they’re just kind of playing right into what ISIS wants them to do, which is controlling women,” she said. “To me it’s such a misogynistic act. And to link the burkini to extremism is, to me … I don’t understand that connection.” (Idiot, you are forced to wear bodybags by misogynistic Muslim men, so you are doing exactly what ISIS would have you do)


Zahra Hassan, a community outreach coordinator for the Minneapolis nonprofit Fairview Health Services, works to make NO MEN ALLOWED swim opportunities available to Muslim girls and women. One day a week, her group offers free swimming lessons at the University of Minnesota to Muslim girls and women, with no men allowed. 


“It makes it easier for the community to learn when they know that they can be in a pool where they don’t have to worry about wearing a a bulky garbage bag” she said. “They can wear whatever they want in the pool, as long as the windows are covered, we have a female instructor, a female lifeguard. It’s great.”


Even with the windows covered, some of the student swimmers opt for greater bacteria-spareader of a burkini. One 12-year-old Muslim girl asked not to be identified because she fears people might make fun of her swimwear. (Why not? They are beyond ugly)

“When I swim in privacy, it helps me to not be stressed about who’s looking at me because I don’t have a really high self-esteem and I’m shy,” she said. (NO, because you are an oppressed Muslim slave who has been brainwashed into thinking your worth is half that of a man)


Hafso Warsame, 11, doesn’t have a burkini. Instead she swims in a shirt and long pants. (Even more bacteria-ridden than the burqini. Who wants to get in a pool after all this Muslim dirt has been there?)

Nearby, another swimmer, 56-year-old Nadifa Ahmed, floated in her leopard-print burkini. 

The Christian  YWCA changed its rules in recent years to allow MUSLIM dress codes. Before that, burkinis would not have been permitted. (Would the YWMA allow bikinis in Saudi Arabian pools?)