FINLAND: After 15 Muslim invaders brutally beat up a young Finnish man with metal bars, the Finns fight back

After a young Finnish man was beaten up outside a local supermarket by Muslim migrants from the Forssa refugee center, the migrants went into a frenzy and threatened lookers-on and passers-by with metal bars and baseball bats. As a result, a violent brawl broke out when a group of Finnish men confronted the Muslim attackers in front of the migrant center.


Mvlehti (h/t Cleverson Y)  After the attack on the young man, a group of locals went to the migrant center where they were met by the attackers and a brawl broke out. Altogether there were about one hundred people, mostly Muslim illegal aliens.

According to unconfirmed sources, one of the migrants was shot in the leg by a Finnish Romani, who have allegedly pledged their allegiance to Finns against Muslims. Eye witnesses report that the migrants had stashed baseball bats, sticks and metal bars in a park between two blocks of flats.

The young man who was beaten up by muslims
The young man who was beaten up by muslims

After the police left the scene, the Muslim thugs went and got their hidden weapons and started smashing cars at the car park. According to eye witnesses the place turned into another “Mogadishu.” (Ah hah! the Muslims must have been Somalis)

The Muslim migrants have promised to avenge the shooting so more may follow very soon. Unconfirmed reports say the Finns are organizing a demonstration close to the migrant center with the theme “Security of Forssa’s people first.” The locals are angry over a migrant center being placed in their town. Multiple fights have broken out between Finns and the migrants in this center throughout the summer.  

It goes without saying that the mainstream media in Finland is doing its best to make Finns look like the aggressors, but luckily the alternative media is in place to tell the truth.

InformationLiberation  Earlier this month, another 15-year-old Finnish boy was robbed by a gang of migrants and thrown off a bridge into the sea.Below is a video showing a young Finnish boy being assaulted by migrant school children

The boy obviously does not want to fight and tries to keep walking away from one kid who keeps swinging at him, only to have another migrant boy stand behind him and attempt to keep him from fleeing.